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Bybit Review | How To Trade Bitcoin on Bybit 2021

How to trade on Bybit | How to trade bitcoin on Bybit

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how to trade bitcoin on bybit sign up bonus bybit review

Bybit is a cryptocurrency derivative exchange that launched its services at the end of 2018.

In this Bybit review, we will give you everything you need to know about the exchange. We will dig into their security, fees, customer support, and trading platform. We will also give you some top tips when it comes to trading crypto futures.

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ByBit is a P2P cryptocurrency futures exchange that is based in Singapore. The exchange operates under Bybit Fintech Limited which is a company that is registered in the British Virgin Islands.

The team is comprised of experts in blockchain technology and finance. R&D team has experts that hail from BAT and risk management team is comprised of Morgan Stanley alums.


How to Trade Bitcoin on Bybit (Step-by-Step):


The primary product offered on the exchange is perpetual non-expiry futures products with 100:1 leverage. Currently offering 4 swaps: BTC/USDETH/USDEOS/USD and XRP/USD; all with 100x leverage and own coin as collateral.

While there are many similarities between established exchanges like Bitmex and Deribit, there are some unique features that ByBit has included that could make them more attractive:

Bybit offers one of the fastest matching engines in the industry with up to 100,000 TPS, this guarantees no overloads and all orders are matched with no delays.


State of The Art Matching Engine:

Bybit is built with scalability in mind and uses the latest technology in all aspects since launched, and by utilizing grey release features hot patches are always released on the go, so no maintenance downtimes either.

Client fund safety is a top priority, Bybit applies the Hierarchical Deterministic Cold Wallet System storing all assets, and all withdrawals are manually processed up to 3 times a day.


See the Current Price of Bitcoin, and other Cryptocurrencies on our  Homepage.


Bybit’s customer support always responds to client requests and issues in a timely fashion, offering 24/7 multi-language Live customer support and responding immediately.

“Clients feedbacks are extremely important to us, that is how we are going to improve.”


Bybit Review | What sets Bybit apart from their competition?

Fast execution:

Bybit’s system eliminates the occurrence of order rejections/delays, there are no server downtimes or so-called regular maintenances.


Advanced order system:

Traders are able to set their whole trading strategy at once. Bybit allows traders to set take profit and stop with entry orders, and when your entry order gets executed, the TP/SL will follow into the position area. Bybit also offers a trailing stop feature on position.


Live support:

Most responsive live support for any issues, 24/7 live customer support.


Native collateral:

Clients can trade using native (so not only BTC, but also ETHXRP and EOS) coins as margin with up to 100x leverage.

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Low maintenance fee, fewer liquidations:

Bybit maintenance fee is fixed at 0.5%, so it’s more unlikely to liquidate at Bybit than other exchanges.

The exchange is open to most traders around the world and the website has been translated into English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese (Russian is coming in May).

However, there are some jurisdictions that they do not operate in and these include the likes of the USA, Syria, Crimea and the Canadian province of Quebec.


Is ByBit Safe?

This is one of the most important questions that any exchange user will have. This is especially true when it comes to a new exchange with no established security track record to turn to.

As such, when we look into the safety of an exchange, we are interested in their security policies as it pertains to their coin management, user security tools and of course risk management.

Exchange Security:

To counter the threat posed by hackers, Bybit applies the Hierarchical Deterministic Cold Wallet System storing all assets, and all withdrawals are manually processed 3 times a day.

This means that they store the bulk of their crypto reserves, and all of the clients’ funds, in offline wallets that are stored in a secure “air-gapped” location.

Encrypted Communication:

make sure there's a green padlock sign!


In order to prevent the risk posed by online snoops and phishing attacks, the ByBit website has full SSL encryption. This means that all passwords and address information that you send them will be encrypted.

This is also helpful in order to spot a phishing site. If you are on a website that looks like it could be that of ByBit but it does not have a secure padlock in the browser, it is an immediate indication that you are on a phishing site and you should leave immediately.


Insurance Fund:

In order to manage the risk posed by shortfalls in futures contract settlement, ByBit operates what they call their “insurance fund”.

Essentially, this fund will be used in the case that a trader gets liquidated at level that is below their “bankruptcy price”. The latter is the price at which the trader’s initial margin has been completely depleted.

Without the fund there would be a shortfall whereby the counterparty to the trade would not be made whole. It is essentially an insurance policy that will protect traders in the case that ByBit is not able to liquidate the position at bankruptcy price or better.

These funds are replenished with the initial margin that liquidated traders have at the outset of their trade. The difference between the price at which the trader is liquidated and the bankruptcy price is how much will be sent to, or taken from, the insurance fund.


Two-Factor Authentication:

While exchange side protection is one thing, in most cases the biggest threat to a trader’s security is themselves. That is why ByBit has included a number of tools that will help protect your account from a hacker with your password.


One of the most important tools that they have included is two-factor authentication. This means that you will have to use your phone in order to authenticate into your account or send transactions. You have to enable google authenticator before you are allowed to withdraw any coins.


ByBit Leverage

Given that ByBit is a leveraged exchange, it means that they allow crypto margin trades. Traders will only have put up a small percentage of the initial position as collateral for their trades.

This means that if you have a leverage of 100x you will be required to put up a margin of 1% of the initial notional amount of the trade. So, if the notional on a 10BTC contract is $50,000, you will have to put up $500 in initial margin. Another thing to note is that this leverage is freely adjustable, meaning that it can be changed even after opening a position, which is something that cannot be done on other exchanges.

What is surprising about the perpetual contracts on ByBit is their size. Each contract is only worth 1USD which is much smaller than the contracts on other exchanges. Below is all the other specifics of their BTC-USD contract.



how to trade bitcoin on bybit - bybit review
BTC-USD Contract Specifics at ByBit


They have pretty much the same terms on other contracts and you can find more information about that here. This is different from other exchanges such as BitMEX as, contrary to Bybit, these do not propose a 100x leverage product for ETHEOS and XRP yet.

While ByBit does offer 100x leverage on their contracts, this is not constant. If you are a large trader and are entering sizable positions then they will bring down the leverage that you can achieve on your contract.

This protects the exchange from the risk posed by large positions. Below is the table of the BTC-USD risk limits. 


Position Value



Initial Margin

Max Leverage

100 BTC








300 BTC




400 BTC




500 BTC




550 BTC





As you can see, the maintenance margin is constant at 0.5% for all contract sizes. 

However, for larger positions, they will increase the minimum initial margin requirement such that there is a much greater shortfall between the liquidation level and the bankruptcy level.



Liquidation is what happens when you have nearly depleted your initial margin and the mark price hits the “liquidation price”. In this instance, the trader will be liquidated with the rest of their margin, if any, being sent the ByBit insurance fund.

While there are many traders who may be upset by a liquidation, it is an important risk management tool in a futures exchange. However, ByBit has a number of tools that will help traders avoid the risk of liquidation. These include the following:

  • Dual Price Mechanism: In order to prevent the risk of market manipulation on the exchange, ByBit will use a dual price mechanism as the contract reference price. 

This is composed of the “Mark Price” which triggers liquidation and the “Last Traded Price” which is used to calculate the price at which the position is closed. The former is a global Bitcoin price whereas the latter is the current ByBit market price. Using external pricing inputs reduces singular exchange manipulation.

  • Auto Margin Replenishment: If you want to make sure that your position will always have adequate levels of margin then you can set it to auto-replenish. 

This means that whenever your margin is close to being depleted, it will draw on your funds to keep your position open

  • Stop Loss: This forms part of the order options that we talk about below. Having effective stop losses on your positions will ensure that it never gets down to the liquidation level.


ByBit Fees:

Trading fees are an important criterion for us because of obvious reasons. This is especially true when it comes to a futures exchange where you are paying fees on positions that are much larger than your margin.

ByBit operates what is called a “maker-taker” fee model. This means that they will charge traders a fee if they take liquidity off their books and they will give them a rebate if they provide liquidity to the exchange.

So, in other words, if you place an order and it gets executed immediately you are taking liquidity off the books. However, if you place a limit order that is away from the current price you are making liquidity.

Below are the fees that you will pay for the BTC and the ETH futures contracts on the exchange. They are the same as BitMEX for BTC but slightly above for ETH (as they propose higher leverage for it) and are below other exchanges such as Huobi.










Funding Rate






every 8 hours





every 8 hours


The other fees that you will see when you open the trade is the funding rate. This is analogous to an “overnight” rate and it is a financing charge. Given that margin trading is based on “borrowing” positions, you will either pay a financing charge or be receiving it. However, on the contrary of the transaction fees, these fees are directly exchanged between traders and not Bybit.

The funding rate is determined by market conditions and interest rates. This means that it is not fixed and will vary on a daily basis. You will be able to see the funding rate that will apply under the position details when you open your trade.

In terms of deposit/withdrawal fees, ByBit does not charge you anything on this. However, when you are withdrawing your coins you may incur a miner or “network” fee due to the blockchain mining. This is usually quite small though.

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ByBit Registration:

If you have decided that you would like to give ByBit a go then you will have to create an account. In order to do this, they will require either an email or phone number, and a password. If you have been given a referral code then you can use this (more on this below).

Once you have registered, ByBit will send you a confirmation code that you will need to use to confirm your email/phone number. This is only valid for 5 minutes so make sure that you do it right after creating the account.

Something that many traders may appreciate is the fact that ByBit is a fully anonymous exchange. They do not require you to complete KYC before you can trade. This is great for those privacy hawks who are worried about the risks of certain data breaches.


Deposit / Withdrawal:

ByBit is as crypto only exchange. This means that you cannot fund your account in fiat currency. While this may be annoying for some, you can easily convert your fiat currency into Bitcoin on a number of exchanges such as Bitstamp or Kraken.

In order to deposit crypto you will need to generate a wallet address and initiate a transaction into the wallet. You can do this by heading over to your “Assets” section in the header. This will present your wallet balances where you will select “deposit” and it will bring up the BTC / ETH / EOS / XRP address.



how to trade bitcoin on bybit - how to trade on bybit

Once you have the address, you can initiate the transaction. It will not be instantaneous as the transaction still has to be propagated through the network. You can monitor the progress on the blockchain.

Withdrawals are just as easy.

You will hit the withdrawal button on the applicable asset. It will ask for your wallet address as well as to confirm the transaction through 2FA. You will also be given information on the miner fee that will be applied to the transaction.

By taking security extremely seriously, Bybit manually processes withdrawal requests from HD cold storage wallet three times a day (8, 16, and 00 UTC).

There are withdrawal limits at ByBit both on an individual account level and for the exchange in total. They do not charge any fee for withdrawing but the blockchain will, also please note that the minimum withdrawal amount on Bybit is 0.002 BTC / 0.02 ETH, and maximum is set to 10BTC or 200ETH at the account level and 100BTC or 10,000ETH at the exchange level.


ByBit Trading Platform:

One of the most important things for the margin trader is to have an effective trading platform with advanced technology. This is especially true when you are trading with a great degree of leverage.


So, how does ByBit stack up?

The trading platform seems to be relatively well laid out and intuitive. At the top you can toggle between your wallets, and account management. You can also switch between the BTC, ETH, EOS and XRP futures markets.

Looking at the standard interface, you have the chart and market depth on the left (you can toggle between). Then in the middle you have the order book and the last trades. On the right you have the order forms as well as the contract details.



how to trade bitcoin on bybit - bybit sign up
User Interface of the ByBit Trading Platform


What I really like about their interface is that it is customizable and modular. You can detach some of the modules, resize them, and move them around such that they are in your chosen position.

For those night owls, Bybit also offers a night mode that makes reading everything much easier in a dark environment. This can be accessed at the bottom right of the exchange page, next to the languages.

For those seasoned traders among you, you will have noticed that ByBit uses tradingview charting technology. This third-party charting package is well known in the industry for having the most functionality and features.

With tradingview charts, the budding technical analysts among you can easily lay your studies and follow the important trendlines. It is also in use on a number of other platforms so it is relatively easy for you to adapt if you do move somewhere else.

Something that ByBit appears to be quite proud of is their order matching engine. They claim to have one of the fastest matching engines in the industry with up to 100,000 transactions per second per contract, this guarantees that it won’t have overloads and all orders would be matched with no delays. And this is for every new asset to be added.

When you are placing your order, you will see the following order form. At the top of the form you can switch between the order types. Below that you adjust the leverage, price and quantity. There is also information on the contract specifics.

There are three order types that you can place on the ByBit platform. These are outlined below:

  • Market Order: This is an order that is placed at the prevailing market price. It will place the order at the “bid” if it is a sell or at the “ask” if it is a buy.
  • Limit Order: This is an order that is placed at a chosen level that may be away from the market. The order is open for the order life which we cover below.
  • Conditional Order: This is an order that will become either a market or limit order once certain price levels are reached. When placing the trade, you will define the trigger price along with the direction, quantity, and leverage.


As mentioned, with the Limit order and the Conditional limit order, the order will have a certain order life. This is for how long the order will remain open until it is “killed”. There are three order life options at ByBit:

  • Good-Till-Cancelled (GTC): This is an order that will remain open until you decide to close it.
  • Immediate-or-Cancel (IOC):: This order is designed to be filled immediately and at the best price. If there are any portions that are unfilled then this portion will be cancelled.
  • Fill or Kill (FOK): This order is designed to be filled at the best price in entirety or not at all. This is the type of order that you would use if you do not want any partial orders.

Bybit allows traders to set take profit and stop with entry orders, and when your entry order gets executed, the TP/SL will follow into the position area. Bybit also offers a trailing stop feature on position. Once your position is opened you can survey, and even manage it on the Trading View chart with your position, Take Profit, and Stop Loss being visible on the chart.

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Order Functionality:

ByBit appears to have pretty advanced order functionality on the platform. This is great as it allows you to not only customize your entry levels but it also allows you to manage your risk on the exit levels.



For those traders that would like to try the platform out in demo mode, they can make use of the ByBit testnet. Demo accounts are a great way to get a sense of how the orders work before depositing funds.

You can access their testnet on In order to fund your account you will have to get coins from the testnet faucet. They have outlined exactly how this is done in this handy guide.

We must admit that we were quite surprised at the amount of work that was required in order to access these testnet funds. When you unlock these funds, you are only getting minor amounts of Bitcoin as the faucet has a release rate of 0.01BTC per hour.

Other platforms such as IQ Option provide demo funds the moment that you open the account. These come with no strings attached and give you a realistic balance to trade with ($10,000).


ByBit Customer Support

Given that ByBit is a new exchange, there is not that much in the way of previous trader experience with their customer support. However, we did try reach out to their customer support lines to get an idea of typical response times.

In terms of support options, you have a Zendesk live chat function that is available on their platform. This is available 24/7 and is offered in all the languages that they have translated their website into.


You can also reach out to them via email on [email protected] for customer support or [email protected] if your query is more technical in nature. Unfortunately, there is no phone support or direct telephone line into the exchange.

We tested out the live chat function and we were able to get a support agent almost immediately. Email support took a bit longer but was similarly helpful.

Of course, if your question is more routine in nature and not specific to your account then you can always make use of their extensive help section. This includes their FAQ resources as well as other helpful guides that could help your trading.

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Those developers among you will be happy to know that ByBit has a pretty robust API. This will allow you to code algorithms and bots in order to manage the trading programmatically.

You can get all of the technical documents about how to interact with the API from their GitHub. If you would like to make use of the API then you will have to generate an API key. This can be done in the “API management” section of the exchange.



how to trade bitcoin on

Generating the ByBit API Key

 Here, you can generate a new key that will be used to access the API. You will also have to decide what permissions you want to give the API (read, write or withdraw). Read allows you to monitor prices, write allows you to place trades and withdraw will allow your bot to process a withdrawal (not advisable).

You may also want to bind the API to your IP address. This will prevent anyone from placing trades in your account should your API key be compromised. Either way, you will want be very careful when dealing with your API key.

For example, we would advise against the use of third-party trading bots. Many of this have questionable returns and when they have access to your API keys they can manipulate markets to their own advantage.

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ByBit Promotion

Once you’ve deposited some money into your account first be sure to collect your welcome bonus of $90 in BTC ($10 for registration and $80 for a 0.2 BTC initial deposit) and head up to the main page of the exchange to open a contract. We offer market, limit, and conditional orders for both long and short positions.

>>>  ClaimYour Bybit $90 SignUp Trading Bonus  <<<


ByBit Referral Program:

If you have been using ByBit and have been relatively impressed with the product then you can always refer others to the platform. If you have done this and they have deposited at least 0.2BTC then ByBit will give you a $10 Trading Bonus.

If you want to take part in the referral program then you will need to get your code. You can either do this as a unique code that your referrals will use on signup or you can give them your referral link. You can share this link online or on your social media channels.

This can be relatively attractive if you can refer friends making a small amount of one time deposits but if you are looking to refer many more traders who usually do large trading volumes then you are perhaps better suited to signup for the ByBit affiliate program. 

This will reward you with a percentage of trading profits from two layers of referrals under your account that are generated by your traders and your sub-affiliates’ traders.

Additionally, their affiliate counter is most advanced in the industry, providing full details on traders’ activities, as well an ability to create custom campaigns and links for further performance analysis on each campaign separately. All the data is updated constantly and commissions are generated in real-time. 

You cannot take part in both the referral program and the affiliate program so you have to choose wisely among the two.


Mobile Version:

As we all know, the market never sleeps but you may not always have a computer on hand so they just released a new mobile website for you to trade directly on your phone. With it, you can do pretty much everything the desktop site has to offer while remaining on the go.



We have found ByBit to be user-friendly exchange with strong technology, reasonable fees and a relatively intuitive user interface. We are also glad to see that they have also developed an insurance fund to manage market risk.

They are well positioned to offer an alternative to the status quo in the crypto derivatives market. In fact, the order book liquidity on ByBit has recently exceeded that of Deribit.

While there were things that we thought warranted improvement, these are relatively easy to implement. The exchange is still new and there is no doubt many improvements are in their pipeline.


So, should you use ByBit?

We encourage you to do your own research but on the face of it, ByBit appears to be an attractive exchange that ticks most of our boxes.


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