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Naira4dollar Review | How To Buy and Sell Bitcoin on Naira4dollar (Best Exchanges in Nigeria)

Best Site to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Nigeria | How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin on Naira4dollar

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naira4dollar review how to buy and sell bitcoin on naira4dollar

Naira4dollar is one of the exchanges that I use and trust.

I've been using their service since 2016 to exchange Paypal, Perfect Money and Bitcoin.

Below is a Screenshot of some of the transactions I have done with them;

Naira4Dollar review How to buy and sell bitcoin on Naira4dollar
My Naira4dollar transactions over the years

[ALSO READ]: How to Buy and Sell Bitcoins on was founded way back in 2006 by Sunej Global Ventures Limited (an ICT company registered by corporate affairs Commission of Nigeria - CAC). Their official Registration Code is 1069456. They provide e-commerce services, Internet Marketing, ICT, e-currency exchange, and so on.


Why You Should Buy and Sell Bitcoin on

·         Security:
Naira4dollar is a very secure Cryptocurrency exchanger. They protect their customer’s funds very well. Here are some basic security measures implemented by the company;
– The exchange’s web address starts with HTTPS secure server ( avoid sites that have only HTTP).
– They have Auditing programs that monitor their website activity 24/7 and their SMS and email alerts give their customers additional security guarantees.

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[Note]: Naira4dollar is only an exchanger (they don’t provide you with a cryptocurrency wallet). To get a secure cryptocurrency wallet, open one on Coinbase, or Localbitcoins – make sure to enable Two-factor authentication on your wallet account (for additional safety).

·         Transparency:
Naira4dollar is one of the most transparent online exchanges in Nigeria/Africa today! Not only is the identity of their CEO (Ejezie Sunday) made public, their Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Registration number 1069456, is also made public. Plus, you can actually visit their offices nationwide (see their office addresses below – keep reading).

·         Liquidity: 
Naira4dollar has a much higher trading volume than other exchangers. Therefore, they are a more liquid exchange. This makes it possible to complete transactions faster, more easily and without having to deal with so many major price changes. Also, exchangers with a lot of liquidity like Naira4dollar, offer “locked in” pricing – which guarantees you the price at the time of your transaction even if it doesn’t settle immediately.

·         Low Fees:
Compared to other exchanges like Nairaex, Luno, and Paxful, Naira4dollar charges one of the lowest fees in the industry!  They’re usually less than 1% per transaction and it may decrease if your trading volumes is bigger.

Low transaction fees on buying and selling would relatively prevent your margins to be eaten away, especially if you’re a constant trader.

So, if you want to make money with bitcoin without losing almost all of it during the exchange process, then I think you really need to buy and sell your bitcoin using Naira4dollar!

·         User experience:

A good exchanger should really care about what its customers want! Their website should be simple, intuitive, and easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile devices. is a plain, simple and straight-forward website to use and understand (there really isn’t a learning curve required – everything is made comprehensive through their site’s design and intuitive process prompts/notifications).

·         Customer Support Quality

Like every world-class company doing legitimate business online, Naira4dollar provides its customers with different methods to contact them. Having a reachable, responsive and caring Customer support department is one of the most important trust factors to consider before doing business with anyone, and Naira4dollar is quite responsive to queries, complaints, and enquiries – some of their contact information is listed below;

Phone numbers (Call only): 01-4545656, 08032537301

WhatsApp Only: 08097000048

BBM: 25B84133

Email:  [email protected]


·         Instant Funding:

Naira4dollar transactions are fast - it takes about one hour or less.

·         Customer Testimonials:

When an individual or a company has a lot of integrity, builds organic trust and is fair, you will see it! You will see it through the positive feedback they get from their customer’s reviews (like this article you’re reading). You will see it through their customer testimonials on their site and in Social media comments!

Naira4dollar is such a well-known and respected exchanger – that, even when someone maliciously leaves a negative review or exaggerates a minute problem they faced dealing with them, there’ll always be a sea of emotionally-invested and satisfied customers to reply/vouch for the company!

So, do exercise patience with them (after all, it’s better to be delayed a little by a very trustworthy exchanger, than to be scammed by another shady one).

A Referral Program That Actually Works:

I have signed up for many referral programs that fvcked me over in the past. They promise you some small percentage of every transaction your referrals make – but never fulfill their promise (you’re just used as a free tool to grow their business).

But Naira4dollar is very different! They say what they mean, and mean what they say!

Naira4dollar is very honest, transparent, and actually pay their affiliates the correct amounts of referral earnings they deserve!

I wouldn’t just say that if I haven’t been benefiting from their trusted referral program. Here’s a screenshot below that shows that I have gotten referrals for Nair4dollar in the past; and paid for it.

The beautiful thing about Naira4dollar’s referral program is that, you will continue to earn referral commissions from your referrals even when they make future transactions (it’s not a one off thing)!

Note however that, payment of Naira4dollar referral earnings or commissions takes anywhere between 5 to 8 working days.

Just Sign Up on Naira4dollar, and start sharing your referral link to make money.


Naira4dollar Alternative:

Another widely popular bitcoin exchange in Nigeria is a company called Luno. They have been in business in Nigeria for quite a while, and have traded large volumes of cryptocurrency in the country.

Though I haven’t personally used Luno, I have however heard generally positive review about the website.

·         Luno Registration: Click Here

Ever since bitcoin got adopted in Nigeria back in 2016, its use and interest has grown exponentially in the country making Nigeria one of the countries with the most searches for the word “bitcoin” on Google trends.

This is great news, as bitcoin is projected to take over and revolutionize the way business is transacted in the future…

The following research/poll statistics below (and the accompanying infographic), was a research finding carried out by Luno.

Office Locations | Working Hours and Contact:

27 Idi-Ape Bus Stop, Opp Mr Biggs Along Iwo Road Ibadan.
(8am – 6pm Mon – Sat).

Adedibu Complex Beside Total Filling Station Olusanya Bus Stop, Ring Road Ibadan.
(8am – 6pm Mon – Sat).

AP Filling Station Complex Opposite Sango Garage, Sango Ibadan.

(8am – 6pm Mon – Sat).

Kings Plaza, 80 Adeniran Ogunsanya Beside AXA Mansard, Surulere Lagos
(8am – 6pm Mon – Sat).

OY Complex, 14 Aimure Avenue Ihama Junction GRA Benin City, Edo State.
(8am – 6pm Mon – Sat).

21 Awolowo road Opp New GTBank Old Bodija, Ibadan.
(8am – 6pm Mon – Sat).

Shop CA 10, TBS Auditorium, Car Park C TBS Onikan, Lagos.
01-4531563, 08097004002
(8am – 6pm Mon – Sat).

Shop C28, Assets Corp Plaza Opp Medical Road, Awolowo Way Computer Village, Ikeja.
01-4530770, 08097004003
(8am – 6pm Mon – Sat).

Shop A2027 Main Tejuosho Shopping Complex NTA Road Yaba Lagos.

(8am – 6pm Mon – Sat).


How Often Nigerians Use Their Bitcoin Wallets:

According to researched stats and polls;

26.7% of Nigerians use their bitcoin wallets daily.

37.3% of Nigerians use their bitcoin wallets weekly.

25.4% of Nigerians use their bitcoin wallets once or twice a month.

10.6% of Nigerians said they used their bitcoin wallets very rarely.


Bitcoin As a Payment System in Nigeria:

This shows the percentage of Nigerians that trust or distrust bitcoin as a means of carrying out transactions online.

59.1% of Nigerians said that they trust bitcoin as a payment transaction method.

24.1% of Nigerians said that they are unsure (on the fence).

17.2% of Nigerians said they don’t trust bitcoin as a payment transaction method.


Bitcoin As An Investment Tool:

We all know that the value (price) of bitcoin widely fluctuates with each passing minute!

But, even as the price goes up and down in the short term (daily or weekly), the value of bitcoin always certainly appreciates in the long-term.

This makes bitcoin a very good tool to store your wealth and have it yield more for you with time.


What Percentage of Nigerians Trust Bitcoin As An Investment Tool?

57.6% of Nigerians said that they trust bitcoin as a way to invest their money and get returns with time.

24.1% of Nigerians said that they are unsure about using bitcoin as an investment tool.

17.2% of Nigerians said that they don’t trust bitcoin as an investment tool.


Bitcoin Vs. Gold In Nigeria:

According to Luno’s research poll;

45.3% of Nigerians said they would rather own Bitcoin than Gold.

44.4% of Nigerians said they are unsure about their preference of Bitcoin or Gold.

10.3% of Nigerians said they would rather own Gold than bitcoin.


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