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Latest Ankara Gown Styles Online (Number 4 and 10 Are Spectacular)

Checkout These 250+ Long Ankara Gown Styles 2021 - Dresses in Ankara Styles

African Ankara-Styled dresses have now become a regular fashion choice all over the world!

In this article, I'll show you 250+ Awesome Ankara Gown Styles for ladies.

These dresses are gorgeous, complimentary to your figure, made with comfortable materials, and come in different pattern designs, sizes, and colours.

250+ Latest Ankara Gown Styles For Ladies:

1.  Erinaco Boho African Multi-Way Dress Ankara With V-Neck, Pleated Dress Floral Print:

This African Ankara gown is sexy, and requires gentle hand wash or mild-intensity setting on your washing machine.

Ankara gown styles Ankara styles for ladies

With its 100% Polyester, Skin-friendly & breathable convenience, you can rock it anyday in Summer-time, Spring, and Autumn.

It comes in different sizes such as XL, L , M, and S.

So,... Make sure to choose your Perfect size on the Checkout Page.

This awesome gown is perfect for parties, nightclubs, going to the beach, concerts, and can easily match-up with heels, and evening bags.

Warning: Do not iron, or bleach.

2.  Long (Kaftan) For Women - With Fashion Beading Rhinestone | Maxi Dress:

Though this 100% Cotten Kaftan is technically not an Ankara gown, it still made our list, because its origin is 100% African and worthy of mention.

Long Kaftan dress for women Ankara styles

With its Silk blend, this casual Kaftan sleeves dress is elegantly adorned with Rhinestones, to make for a perfect evening party long dress.

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It is perfect for banquets, evening parties, galas, and African-themed events, and comes in different colours and variants.

3.  Nuofengkudu Women's Chiffon Deep V-Neck Stripe-Printed Maxi Boho Dress:

This floor-length dress is a good casual Ankara gown for travel, party, going to the beach, and so on.

Nuofengkudu Womens Chiffon V-Neck Ankara Long dress

It is absolutely beautiful, and you are guaranteed to receive compliments when you wear this dress.

The bold prints make it elegant, and super cute.

The chiffony fabric flows out from the body - making it a good way to hide any trouling mid-sections.

Overall, it is comfy and great.

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Note: The Size S-XXL, is runs large - please choose one size down. And the Size 3XL-5XL, is runs small, so please choose one size up.


4.  Retro Long Sleeve Floor Length Elegant Traditional African Print Skater:

This highly elegant mini-dress masterpiece is hand-made by experienced garment workers - and is made from 100% African wax cotton.


Mini Dress Ankara Design Ankara dress reviews

It has two side pockets.

The African was used, is not stretched.

It is perfect for work, weddings, cocktail, night-time shopping, party, Christmas, holidays - and just casual everyday wear.

You won't be disappointed - as you get exactly what you ordered for.

The colours are vibrant and beautiful.

Please, make sure to check for the right size for you during Checkout.

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How To Tie Simple Twist GELE:

5.  FEIYOUNG S-exy Dashiki Floral Printed Side Slit Long Maxi Dresses | Bohemain High Waist Vestidos:

This dress floral dress is beautiful, comfortable, and affordable.

Latest ankara styles 2020

It is radiant, light-weight, and can be worn in multiple ways.

The only downside is that the dress is a bit too long.

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6.  HongyuAmy Women's African Ankara Zipper Closure Kente Print Dress:

This High-quality super-soft 100% cotton stretchy-material Kente dress, comes with a matching removable cape, and zipper on the back.

HongyuAmy African Print Womens Ankara Kente Dress

It looks nice, and is perfect for those that want to show-off their baby bump - because of how stretchy it is.

It is beautiful, and will bring out the magic in your appearance.

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Note: Hand-wash in cold water; with mild laundry.

Do not wring or twist.

Shake-off excess water before you hang to air-dry.

7.  SHENBOLEN Women African Print Long Sleeve Ankara Dress:

This colourful Speaker-sleeve garment comes with side-pockets, and an invisible zipper at the back.

SHENBOLEN African print ankara dress

It is a masterpiece, and may be a perfect fit for you - if you give it a try.

It's best suited for African/Black history celebration events, getherings, going out, and also good for the home.

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Helpful Tip: If you feel that it's a little too big around your waist, you can belt it firm.

A black waist-belt will do just fine.

8.  VERWIN African Print V-Neck High Waist Evening Wrap Max Dress:

This Ankle-length V-Neck design is exquisite, will flatter your body, and is comfortable to wear.

VERWIN African Print Ankara Long Gown Design

This unique-style Ankara is vibrant, and elegant - as it gives off that flowy vibe.

The vivid colours are not shy of the inevitable attention it will draw to you.

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9.  SHENBOLEN Women African Print Sleeveless Ankara Dress:


This Sleeveless party dress is made from 100% African wax cotton, and it has a Halter, a pocket, and invisible zipper at the back.

SHENBOLEN Women African Print Ankara Sleeveless Dress

It is not stretched, but is definately classy.

You can use it for School, party, weddings, shopping, night-outs, and as an everyday wear.

>>>   Check It Out On Amazon   <<<

Note: The common complaint is that, Shenbolen products are always running too small.


Be careful when choosing,.... To ensure you get the right size for you.

10.  Women's Dashiki Traditional African Print - High-Collar Sleeveless Dress:

This magnificient Dashiki dress is made of Spandex and Polyester.

Sleeveless Dashiki African Ankara Design Dress

It is lightweight - but not see-through.

Just the right length, so as to avoid being too short.

The only down is, there is no way to tell which is the front, and which is the back.

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Those are the 10 Ankara Gown Styles that I wanted to showcase to you.

... In subsequent articles, I'll be showing you the other types of Ankara design and styles out there.

Latest Ankara Styles 2021:

More Ankara Long Gown Styles For Your Inspiration:

Here are More Beautiful Ankara Gowns to inspire you:

Beautiful Ankara Gowns

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Ankara Styles For Women:

Ankara Styles For Men:

History Of Ankara Fabric | African Prints:

African prints are noted for their detailed designs that depict African culture, tradition, and history. 

You might want to discover the origins of Ankara fabric and African prints if you want to convey a story with your African print outfit or make your style more fashion-forward.

Ankara fabric, also known as African wax prints fabric, Holland wax, or Dutch wax, is the textile used to make African prints. 

Latest Ankara Styles

Latest Ankara Styles

Latest Ankara Styles 2021

Latest Ankara Styles 2020

Trending Ankara Gown Styles:

Ankara fabric is widely recognized for its vibrant African prints and is closely associated with African clothes. 

When compared to other printed textiles that fade rapidly, one of the best things about Ankara fabric is that the intensity of its African prints does not vary. 

This is due to the “wax resistant” printing method employed on the textile.

African prints on Ankara fabric can be handcrafted or mass-produced on textile machines. 

If you want a one-of-a-kind African print, look for handmade Ankara, which has no two patterns alike. 

Machine-made Ankara, on the other hand, is prone to imperfections and a "crackling" look.

Latest Ankara Styles 2019

Latest Ankara Gown Styles

Latest Ankara Gown Styles

Would you believe that African fabrics aren't indigenous to the continent? 

In 1846, there was a great demand for printed cotton, so Pieter Fentener Van Vlissingen, a Dutch entrepreneur, industrialized the process of printing on batiks, a popular Indonesian fabric. 

Yes, the African textile is known as 'Kitenge' in East Africa and 'Ankara' in West Africa originated in Indonesia.

Latest Ankara Gown Styles 2021

Latest Ankara Gown Styles 2019

Ankara Gown Styles For Ladies 2021

The process of creating African print fabric is known as Batik, and it involves printing designs on the cloth using wax before dying it. 

The wax-resist dyeing process is responsible for the crackling look on the African textile. Vlisco, his company, was the first to introduce printed textiles to Ghana, and the fabric has since taken on the African identity.

The printed textile has become more accessible thanks to technological advancements. African fashion designers, in fact, aided in the popularization of African prints and materials. 

Latest Ankara Gown Styles 2021

Latest Ankara Gown Styles 2022

Ankara Styles for Women

When it comes to African fashion, the imperfections of African prints, as well as the origins and colors of the textile, are deemed unique and attractive. 

Technology is a wonderful thing since it allows fashion designers to put modern takes on African prints in their designs and collections, contributing to the progression of African prints.

Nigerian Ankara Gown Styles

Nigerian fashion wears

Long Ankara Gowns 2021

Ankara fabric, formerly known as Dutch Wax Print, has been around for quite some time. It was first made for the Indonesian textile market by the Dutch using a technique known as ‘Batik.' 

Batik was created by melting wax and creating a pattern on a blank cloth by the Indonesians. 

The cloth is then soaked in dye, but the wax on the cloth prevents the dye from completely covering the cloth. The wax-and-soak technique is repeated with fresh patterns when more colors are required.

Pieter Fentener Van Vlissingen, a Dutch merchant, popularized the method, and as demand for batik fabric expanded, Scottish, English, and Swiss producers flocked in. 

With so much Africanness and indigenous ownership, the Dutch wax prints soon became a part of African apparel. “Veritable Dutch Hollandais” and “Wax” are examples of names.

Beautiful Ankara Gowns

Long Ankara Gown Styles 2022

Ankara Gown Designs

The term “Hollandais” was used to describe this fabric. The rich and powerful of the day wore it as a form of official attire.

This fabric is noted for its vibrant prints that are deeply rooted in African culture. 

The lack of color intensity differences between the front and back sides of the Ankara fabric is a distinguishing trait. 

Women utilized Ankara as a non-verbal communication method in the past, with distinct patterns serving as a common language with shared meanings.

The name of the product, the company, and the design registration number are printed on the selvage to safeguard the design and demonstrate the fabric's quality. 

Ankara Long Styles 2021

Latest Styles On Ankara

Latest Ankara Long Gown Styles 2021

Latest Ankara Long Gown Styles 2020

Trending Ankara Gown Styles

Latest Ankara Gown Styles 2021 For Ladies

Some Ankara prints are named after historical events, locations, popular proverbs, people, and so on. 

The Ankara fabric is a form of visual communication in which each pattern represents an aspect of African culture.

Ankara Gown Styles For Teenage Girl

Latest Ankara Long Gown Styles 2022

Trending Ankara Gown Styles 2021

Ankara Gown Styles For Teenage Girl

Latest Ankara Gown Styles 2022 For Ladies

Latest Styles On Ankara 2022

Latest Ankara Long Gown Styles 2022

Ankara Gown Styles For Teenage Girls

The textile business has become easier than it was in the beginning, thanks to the advancement of technology and civilisation. 

Ankara fabrics can be used with plain fabrics, worn with denim, and created into suits, jumpsuits, playsuits, sneakers, bags, shoes, earrings, and bracelets - among other things. 

Many people make money from the Ankara fabric, and if you don't want to get into the sartorial side of things, you can become a dealer by purchasing the fabric from producers and supplying it to merchants and fashion designers.


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That means that, if you make any purchase using some of the links on this page, I'll get a commission from the sale - at no extra cost to you.

Thank you for your support.


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