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DASH Coin Live Price Today

DASH Coin Live Price Today:

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Dash Coin is a fork of Litecoin - which is, in turn, a fork of Bitcoin, and it was created in January of 2014, by Evan Duffield.  

It was originally known as Darkcoin before being rebranded as Dash in March of 2015. To validate transactions, it employs a mix of miners and masternodes. 

Dash is unique in that it ensures network security by requiring all masternodes to stake at least 1,000 DASH in cold-storage. 

Transaction speed can be increased by excluding miners from masternode validation. Privacy can also be enabled through “PrivateSend” transactions that mix units. Instead of a hard fork, 

Dash has a voting system in place that allows for quick changes in governance if necessary.

Dash is a cryptocurrency that focuses on payments and includes an optional privacy feature. Dash began as XCoin, a fork of Litecoin (LTC). 

The asset was rebranded as Darkcoin, and then again as Dash. 

Dash is a coin - not a token, because it runs on its own blockchain. 


Dash coin (not dosh coin, which is a misspelling), is promoted as offering fast and cheap transactions, as well as the additional freedoms that blockchain-based crypto assets offer. 

Dash coin's price has fluctuated significantly over the years because it is not a stablecoin tied to the value of any underlying asset.

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