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Fiverr Review - Upwork vs Fiverr Breakdown - Make money online - software

Fiverr Review 2021 - Fiverr Review 2022

In this review article, we’re going to be talking about one of the most-popular online marketplaces for Freelancers, Fiverr .

Even if you’re new to Fiverr, this is the right post for you.

I’m going to help you make the decision of whether you’d want to give this platform a try or not – as either a Buyer of services, or a seller of services.

You’ll also learn the best kept secrets and strategies to making money on

Fiverr Review:

Fiverr is a good platform for freelancers and people looking to hire freelancers or outsource their work online.

They have an impressive 4.7/5.0 Star Review on WebsitePlanet.


It is crucial that you learn how to properly vet and choose sellers on the platform  (if you want to be a buyer of services on the platform).

Because, choosing the wrong freelancers with poor ratings might harm your business.
If you’re looking to sell your services on Fiverr, this is also the article for you (so,… keep reading).
First of all,…


What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a website (digital marketplace) that serves as a meeting-point for people that have a skill to offer, and people looking for such people with specific skills.

So, for example…

An investor looking to Create a potentially lucrative App, can come to Fiverr and hire a qualified and talented App developer to make the App for him/her.

Fiverr has been in existence since 2010, and has a database of more that 3 million gigs (services) – in multiple categories.

Back then, the maximum amount each Gig or service offered on the website was allowed to cost, was $5. And the platform got a lot of hate for this reason back then.

But as time went on,… Fiverr removed that limitation. And now, freelancers can charge as high as $5000 per Gig on the platform.


The potential for earning substantial revenue on the site, is now very huge in 2021!

What Is Fiverr? | Complete Fiverr Work-Through:


Pros of Fiverr:

  • Fiverr is very well-known,.... Plus they run a lot of search engine Ads, influencer sponsored posts, and have even appeared on Super-bowl live!
  • It's very easy to blow-up and make money on Fiverr. 
 Because, once the orders and initial reviews start rolling in, Fiverr is going to start pushing your Gigs higher in their search, and browse features.

  • You can apply for and get jobs from Fiverr's Buyers' request section, and this feature is completely free (unlike Upwork)
  • Great for micro-gigs and tasks
  • A variety of gigs that can be scaled quickly
  • Easy to instantly hire someone to help you
  • Significant volume and user base

Cons of Fiverr:

  • Slow 14-day payment for freelancers
  • Quality of Gigs can be poor at times

How Does Fiverr Work in 2021?

Fiverr works just like any other marketplace out there.

Freelancers (also known as ‘Sellers’), list their services (Gigs) on the site, and ‘Buyers’ looking to outsource work search on Fiverr to find a suitable and qualified Freelancer to offer that service (solve their problem, or do their task).

Fiverr however, acts as the ‘middle-man’ (or Escrow) in this exchange.

They collect and hold onto the money paid by the Buyer – so that when the Seller satisfactorily fulfills the order and delivers the work to the Buyer, Fiverr then releases the money to the Seller (while taking their own 20%-cut as the platform that made the trade between the Buyer and Seller possible).  

Monies made by the Seller on every Gig, are held for 2 weeks after the Seller fulfills and delivers the order – in order to ensure that there are no Cancellations or Disputes coming from the Buyer about the delivered service (due to dissatisfaction).  software

What Are Fiverr Gigs?

On Fiverr, Gigs are basically services offered by Seller (or freelancers).

They can cost anywhere from $5 to $10,000 (depending on the price the Seller chooses to offer the service at).

Even with Gigs listed as $5, there are usually Upsells attached to them - that allows the Seller to be able to earn more money from complementary add-on services.


Categories Of Services Offered On Fiverr:

  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Business
  • Lifestyle

Fiverr Review 2021 - From Buyer And Seller Perspective:

Is Fiverr Legit?

As stated earlier,…


Fiverr is a legitimate U.S company.

Each month, millions of Buyers and Sellers of services from all over the world, meet-up on Fiverr, and do business with one another.

Their customer support center are always there to help both buyers and sellers resolve any issues that may arise on the account-level, or service-dispute level.

Fiverr Support usually responds within 24 hours after you submit a ticket.

Is Fiverr worth it?

If the project requires creative people for short-term or one-time engagements, using Fiverr is a good option.
However, the website only has a few categories: graphics and design, digital marketing, writing and translation, video and animation, music and audio, programming and technology, business, and fun and lifestyle.
Some freelancers avoid Fiverr because the website allows buyers to cancel a project and receive a refund even after the work has been completed.
Some buyers or clients also claim that some sellers display their best work on the website but deliver poor quality work in reality.
This appears to be one of the reasons why only a few sellers have 5-star ratings and excellent feedback from buyers.

More Fiverr Tips:

If a seller fails to deliver your order on time,… You can either extend the delivery time or get a refund (partial or full) instantaneously.

All of the transactions are accurately recorded.
You can also identify quality freelancers on Fiverr by looking at their rating, level, and reading reviews from other buyers.
Fiverr just launched a testing method for sellers, and you can verify if they passed it by looking at their profile. This makes finding a professional seller a lot easier.
In addition, sellers must disclose information about their education and background as part of another verification process.


Common Fiverr Problems, And How To Fix Them:

If a vendor fails to deliver your order on time, contact the seller first, then contact customer service. If the merchant refuses to remedy the problem, request a refund.
A seller delivered a job that was of poor quality (not as advertised). Revisions should be requested. Request a refund if you are not happy.
A seller delivered the order as promised, but you had expected the job to be completed in a different manner (not as advertised). 

To avoid misunderstandings in the time, ask the seller precise questions about the Gig, before placing an order.


How To Sign Up On Fiverr:

The Fiverr registration process is easy and straightforward, especially for buyers. 

If you want to become a Fiverr seller, you'll need to devote a little more time to setting up your profile and adding gigs before you can start earning money.
If you want to start your Fiverr career as a buyer, Click this link and get 20% off your first purchase.

You may sign up with your Facebook account, Google account, or e-mail address. 

You will be required to create a username, which you will not be able to modify in the future. 

You will be able to access Fiverr and all of its features once you have activated your account.
Those who want to become Fiverr sellers must follow a somewhat different procedure. 


Advice About Purchasing A Gig on Fiverr:

People might purchase gigs on Fiverr with ease. 

You submit all of the essential information, and your order is delivered in only a few days (often even fewer). Doesn't it appear to be an easy task? 

But, before you go ahead and place an order, read what I have to say because Fiverr isn't always as good as it appears.

It's extremely unlikely that you'll get a decent gig on Fiverr for $5, as there are very few high-quality services available at that price. 

However, there are a couple of circumstances in which you can get a gig for $5:
- A seller is new and is selling his services at a low price in order to increase the rating of the gig and gain client feedback. The cost will eventually escalate.
- A seller is from a third-world country, where $5 is a large sum of money. This isn't to say that all sellers from these countries produce excellent products (in many cases, they do not).
- Getting a gig is easy and needs little effort (a seller is usually using some sort of software). These types of gigs, despite their claims, might be detrimental to your business.


Can Fiverr Reviews Be Fake?


There are indeed some fake reviews on some Fiverr gigs.

And many individuals (including myself), have fallen into the trap of ordering services from sellers with a 5-star rating, but receiving a subpar experience. 

Many consumers will provide a 5-star rating even if the job is of poor quality as long as it is "as advertised." This is something prevalent in the SEO and Backlink purchasing niche on Fiverr. 

Since many new Fiverr buyers aren't SEO specialists, so they rely on the seller's experience, which can be lacking (i.e. sellers often focus on creating links rather than giving an actual benefit to the website). 

Make sure you tell the seller exactly what you want them to accomplish ahead of time so there are no unpleasant surprises.
This article might assist you in successfully purchasing a gig if you are a newbie.


Tips For Buyers on Fiverr:

Spend some time looking for gigs. Find five to fifteen sellers who meet your requirements.
Create a collection of your favorite sellers. Sort the sellers into categories. You will always have easy access to good services in this manner.
Read reviews to determine the quality of Gigs. Instead of reading all of the 5-star reviews, scroll down and look for the ones that aren't so positive.
Don't be fooled by the "Level One Seller" classification. 

This does not imply that the service will be of high quality; it only indicates that the merchant has completed a specific number of gigs. 

Working with sellers who have a good reputation is preferable.
Request a sample of each seller's recent work delivery from each seller. Just to be sure, inquire as to what you will receive for the money.
Examine the work's quality. Don't rely on the description of a gig or the seller's experience. The vendor is in charge of doing the work that he promised. 

As a buyer, it is your obligation to ensure that the work he provides will benefit your company or project. In most cases, the seller is only looking to make a money and is not looking out for your best interests.
If you have a particular request, please sure to specify it before placing your order. This way, everyone is on the same page about what needs to be done.
Try to be realistic: If you're on a tight budget, Fiverr is a terrific way to save money. 

On Fiverr, you pay $5 for a gig from a recognized vendor, whereas the same service would cost roughly $20 to $25 (and occasionally much more) elsewhere. 

Instead of wasting time hunting for a reliable vendor on Fiverr who will offer high-quality work, it's sometimes better to give a good company a little additional money.

I recommend that you discover a few folks on Fiverr that can assist you in growing your business by delivering a variety of services. 

This procedure takes time, but it is well worth the effort. 

This is a win-win situation for both you and the seller: you know who you're working with and don't have to seek for a new seller every time you need to buy a gig, and the seller is more driven to do a good job because you've already been a regular customer.  software


Can You Buy Backlinks On Fiverr?

Buying backlinks is a poor idea in general, because it's against Google's Terms of Service.

That, however, rarely deters people. 

You may request a sample of the seller's previous work if you are an SEO professional who is knowledgeable with the newest search engine algorithm updates. 

After that, you determine whether it's a good idea to buy these types of links for your niche after conducting an analysis. 

I realize how tempting it is to do so, especially if you see your competitors employing low-quality backlinks and ranking on the first page of Google, but it can frequently hurt your business more than help it.

On Fiverr, you can buy traffic.

Buying traffic on Fiverr is absolutely not a good idea. Fake traffic will have little impact on your ranking and may possibly harm your position in the (Search Engine Results Pages) SERPs. 

Because it's all bot traffic - that kind of traffic won't result in any sales.

How Do You Make Money On Fiverr?

Anyone who can create a profile and a gig on Fiverr can start selling their services on their marketplace. 

All you have to do is complete a sign-up form and follow the on-screen instructions. Following that, your gig will begin to appear on the Fiverr result page for relevant search queries. 

Fiverr is giving new gigs some additional love (i.e. visibility). And if your service is good and you can retain positive client feedback, the amount of orders you receive will swiftly increase.


How Do I Become a Fiverr Seller?

Use this link to get started, then click the "Become A Seller" button. This will take you to a step-by-step tutorial.
You'll need to complete five simple steps:
1. set a profile for your seller.
2. create your gig.
3. Include a video intro (not mandatory).
4. offer multiple deals at once (great way to boost your earnings).
5. Include extras in your performance (helps increase the revenue).
The following three stages will help you generate more traffic and increase your profit, even though just the first two are required.



Fiverr Coupon Code 2021:

Unless you are a first-time buyer, Fiverr does not offer coupons. 

If you've never used Fiverr before, you can get a 20% discount by following this link (it works). 

Rather than wasting time trying hundreds of coupons that don't work, set up a gig that only requires a few minutes of your time (20 minutes at most) - deliver the work, and earn money. 

If you're still seeking for a Fiverr discount or promo code, we wrote an entire post on it here.


Is Using Fiverr Safe?

Both yes and no. If you mean the website's security, then yes, it is highly safe and you shouldn't be concerned. 

However, if you're wondering whether any Fiverr gig is "Safe" for your internet business, the answer is no. 

For example, if you're considering buying 19,000 backlinks for your new website to boost SEO or faking views on your YouTube channel, think again. 

On the other hand, Fiverr has thousands of fantastic Gigs that can actually help your business.

What Should You Sell On Fiverr?

You make money on Fiverr by selling your skills and talents. 

If you're not sure where to begin, check out whatever services are in high demand on Fiverr and set up a gig selling essentially the same thing (for less money, of course) if you know how to do it. 

You might increase the prices after a few positive ratings.
If you discover that you are unable to provide any of the popular Fiverr services, it is time to offer new skills. Nowadays, you may do it for almost no money by doing it online. 

On Skillshare, one of the largest online learning sites, I gained a lot of important SEO, marketing, and design skills that helped me boost my business. 

If you're unfamiliar with it, I recommend trying the 60-day Skillshare free trial.
You could explore developing gigs in the Video sector in addition to SEO and Internet Marketing (Video Creation, Video Logo Creation, Video Intro and Outros). 

It's always in high demand, so if you're good at it, you'll never run out of work. 

If you decide to do so, check our review of Video Blocks, a website where you can get endless high-quality stock footage films, After Effect Templates, and Motion Backgrounds.


What Is The Best Way To Make Money On Fiverr?

You may earn money on Fiverr in a variety of ways. 

I'll go through some general guidelines that can be applied to any niche. 

If you can't offer buyers anything unique that will create demand on its own, make sure there is already a market for what you have to offer. 

If you search for "voice overs," for example, you'll notice that most gigs have some orders waiting.
This indicates that people are interested in such services. 

Look for services that are in high demand but not widely available. Create a gig that does the same thing (obviously, you must know how to do it properly), charge a low amount, and start earning money.
Calculate how much money you want to make and how long it will take you to finish the work. 

Set a reasonable price for yourself. You don't want to earn $100 by creating 24 articles and selling each one for $5

Keep in mind that you'll have to spend time answering questions from buyers and redoing orders.
Make the most of your concert by optimizing it properly. 

The majority of people will use the search box to search for a gig. 

As a result, you want your gig to appear at the top of the Fiverr search results for people looking for the services you provide. 

Examine the titles, descriptions, keywords, and tags used by similar gigs that are currently ranking in the top spots. Apply it to your ad (don't copy it, but make it look like it). 

Make use of the "Available Now" functionality.
You can also make money on Fiverr without having to do any work. Did you know there's a marketplace called SEO Clerks that's comparable to Fiverr but offers prices for as little as $1? 

Fiverr vs. Upwork:

Both Fiverr and Upwork are good platforms to make money online as a Freelancer, or for finding Freelancers for your business.

In this Fiverr review, I'll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of freelancing on Fiverr or using Fiverr to grow your business.

In addition, I'll be comparing Fiverr to another massive freelancing platform called Upwork.

Fiverr Vs Upwork | Which Freelancing Site Is Better?

Which platform is best suited to your skill set? Here's a quick overview of the Fiverr vs. Upwork battle.
  • Fiverr started in 2010 as a marketplace where a freelancer can start work starting from $5 only, while Upwork was founded in 2015 after Elance and ODesk merged.

  • If you are a beginner Fiverr is the best choice. Fiverr offers work with very few skills even at $5. 

Upwork requires some advanced skills before you can start working. If you have already been doing freelancing for a while you may know that Upwork is more professional. 
  • According to a report in September 2018, 35.95 million users visited Fiverr. A survey in the same month states that 34.7 million visitors landed on Upwork. 
  • Fiverr has a different working model than Upwork. 
On Fiverr, you have to offer your services at first by placing a Gig. 
  • When it comes to earning, Fiverr starts from $5 to as much as you can earn. 
You can do a task for a client at any price. 
  • Finding a Job on Fiverr is slightly difficult than Upwork. 
On Fiverr, you have to mention each and everything in the Gig and wait for the client to contact you. 
  • When it comes to quality services Upwork is preferred over Fiverr due to its no-compromise policy for low performers and spammers. 
They can suspend your account any time if you ignore their rules. Fiverr also have the same policy. 

One of the best freelance websites is Fiverr. It was founded in 2010 and has since grown to become a major player in the freelance job market.

Its primary focus was on how to provide high-quality projects for as little as $5 per project.

Fiverr freelancers charge as little as $5 per project and can charge as much as several thousand dollars. 

Each job is referred to as a 'Gig,' and payments are based on the number of gigs completed.
By 2012, the platform had hosted over 1.3 million Gigs. 

Rather than allowing clients to post jobs on their platform, they allow freelancers to create a gig or gigs based on what they are best at. 
The platform categorizes and ranks freelancers/sellers based on their specialization and ratings.

Buyers and employers can now select from a list of freelancers.

The Fiverr platform also provides clients/buyers with the information they need to hire a freelancer.

It provides employers with access to the freelancer/portfolio seller's as well as feedback from previous employers.

Payments on the Fiverr platform are made based on the number of gigs that a seller sells to a client.

The Fiverr platform classifies freelancers based on their specialization and ratings from previous employers.

Employers can easily find sellers by looking at their portfolios and the gigs they offer.

The Fiverr platform offers secure communication channels to their clients.

It offers an in-app channel through which clients can communicate with freelancers via messages and even share documents.


2. Upwork:

Upwork was formed in 2013 as a merge between Elance and Odesk.

Elance only allowed payments through USD which limited freelancers from other countries from getting jobs.

The Upwork freelance website is also one of the best cloud-based freelance platforms, with the largest pool of job seekers and employers.
Upwork has over 12 million freelancers, 5 million clients, and posts three million jobs per year.
Clients on Upwork are permitted to post their projects online on the website by providing specifications and a budget.
Upwork then matches the job with the qualifications of various freelancers, making it easier for clients to choose which freelancers to hire.
Freelancers can also view these projects that match their portfolio and apply for or bid on the job.

Upwork sets its payments based on milestones accomplished by the freelancer. 

The projects can be long-term or short-term, and the client must set a milestone with an agreed-upon budget.

A top freelancer is also recognized by Upwork by receiving a top-rated badge.

The Freelancer platform also bases their payments on completed milestones.

It ensures that payments are made to the freelancer only after the client is satisfied with the work submitted.

Employers can view the profiles of freelancers on Upwork to ensure that they get the best in what they need.

Upwork also offers an in-app communication method through which the client can interview the freelancer for additional information.

Upwork's search engine tools filter freelancers based on their qualifications, allowing clients to narrow their search for potential sellers.

Freelancers can also view jobs that match their skill set.

It includes an in-app communication channel for clients to chart or video call the freelancers.

The platform also allows the client and freelancer to share documents and files via the channel.

Let's take a quick look at the benefits and drawbacks of using Upwork.

Pros of Upwork:

  • Opportunity to make money on high priced hourly freelance jobs
  • Significant volume and user base

Cons of Upwork:

  • Dependent on your reviews
  • Limited customer service help
  • Clunky dashboard for creating jobs and getting hired

Conclusion on Best Freelance Websites for Beginners:

Freelancing is becoming the next best way to outsource talents for employers and for freelancers to get jobs. 

These are some of the best freelance websites for beginners that should help you earn money right now or help you free up your time.

I like using freelancers to help me get work done either for my businesses or my personal life. 

As an entrepreneur, you have to think about a freelance business as a way to move up in the “hourly income” chain.

You can effectively outsource your services to other people while you make money at a higher rate. This can be a great passive income opportunity.

Conclusion for Hiring Freelancers: Use Freelancer and Fiverr together for hiring freelancers to help grow your business and free up your time.

Conclusion for Getting Hired as a Freelancer: User Freelancer and Upwork to start building your book of business. 

If you like small tasks that are drier in nature, consider signing up for Fiverr and throwing a few gigs out there. 

It might not hurt.

What skills do you have you can offer as a service? Don’t have one? Try learning a few new things like graphic design, social media, data entry and more. 

I know you can start making money right now.

I hope this can help you gain insights into the best freelance websites and how they work.
I used both of them in the last 5 years and now I am a seller in both as well.
Fiverr is more of a singular job site where you choose what you want to be done, find the seller with the price range you are interested in.

Then you can have a look at their stats and reviews to get an indication of how good they are and how much experience they have.

But, once you find the right people for the job on Fiverr, you can keep on using them and build a great relationship where with time, they have a good understanding of what you need and how you like things done.

On the other side is Upwork, and I found 2 great VA’s that still work for me. Upwork is more of a “permanent” job seeker platform where you can post a job, choose the candidates you want to interview, and then give them a test run period to decide if you are a good fit.

Contracts can then be set at a time period of indefinitely.

To me, it felt that Upwork had a bit, better-qualified freelancer, OR you have more options to qualify your candidate.

But said that, I heard many bad raps from Fiverr, and one of them was that the quality of work is sub-standard and the reason is the nationalities of the Freelancers.

I do not agree or understand this because the Freelancers are from all the continents and if you have a communication issue, choose someone from your country of choice to do the work. 

They are spread from all over the world, so that is a very poor excuse.

Both are good platforms and there are thousands of transactions done every day. I know companies similar to mine that only use vetted Freelancers to do all their work. 

I guess you need to build up your skills to be able to choose the right prole for the job.
Making money is one of the easiest things you can do.
Although it may be hard at the beginning most especially when it comes to platform to use. 
I'm very sure there are hundreds of platforms for freelancers to work remotely and earn cool cash. 

To me, most of them have their advantages and disadvantages especially when it comes to how easy for you to set up your account and profile and start earning while sitting at the comfort of your home.

Upwork vs Fiverr: 

Upwork is a very good and secure platform in my opinion.

The only "But", is the difficulty in setting up your profile; to make that you have 100% profile completion.

Unlike on Fiverr, it has nothing to do with completing your profile completely and passing your readiness test (which many users are unaware of).

You will receive your "rising talent badge" after passing the readiness test.

You can't just jump in and start Upwork; you'll need some level of expertise or guidance from someone familiar with the platform.

Fiverr, on the other hand, is simple to set up and use. 

On Upwork, you will be given free connect (connect is like a point you spend once you apply for any job, trust me it finishes faster than actual money).

To be able to apply for jobs, and this can be discouraging. Imagine spending the free connect and still not getting a job, and then you decide to buy more connect and still no job. It has the potential to wreak havoc on your mind.

Fiverr doesn't have anything like that, but what I can say is that the daily sending of buyer requests appears to be similar. 

Every seller account is entitled to ten free requests to any offer they see on their "buyer's request request."

Isn't that cool?

Making money!

Please keep in mind that while Upwork may be difficult to set up and get a job on, trust me when I say that once you get a job on Upwork, you have paved the way for yourself.

Upwork pays well and quickly, and the percentage deduction is lower than on Fiverr.

Fiverr is simple, and making money on the platform is simple if you set your gig (service you want to render) very well and rank very well to get to the first page.

I'm sure you can make your own conclusions based on the information presented above. I hope this was helpful.
Upwork can be more difficult for newbies too. So Fiverr wins the race in this case.
There are 12 million freelancers and 5 million clients on Upwork. 

Although, Fiverr has 1 million more visitors but, the number of visitors on Fiverr is not constant. 

So, In the case of the number of visitors, we can say both are the same.

On Upwork you have to apply for the job after reading complete details about the job. So no comparison can be done in this case.

On the other hand, you will hardly find a project worth $5 on Upwork. 

You will find jobs for more amount on Upwork. Upwork wins the battle here.

On the other hand, Upwork makes it clear that you are applying for a certain job with some skill set. 

So you can get a job if you have enough skills for the project. Upwork definitely wins in this case.

Due to its low competency and working model, it is difficult to identify someone with quality services on Fiverr. 

So, again... Upwork is preferred.

Final Thoughts on Fiverr in 2021:

Fiverr is a legitimate marketplace with a wide range of excellent services and trustworthy sellers and buyers. 

Not everyone on Fiverr is pleasant to work with, just like everyone else. 

The majority of the Fiverr community, on the other hand, is made up of respectable people who provide excellent services for their customers' internet enterprises. 

When it comes to ordering SEO gigs, I strongly advise you to rely on your expertise and knowledge. If you want to start selling on Fiverr, all you have to do is deliver a high-quality service, be responsible and dedicated, and work hard to succeed (at least at first). 

Fiverr, in my opinion, is an excellent way to start a profitable internet business.

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