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How To Make Money On Opera News Hub - In Nigeria

How To Make Money On Opera News Hub - In Nigeria

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how to make money on opera news hub in nigeria

Just as new-comers to the internet wrongly assume that the content on Google is written by Google,… So also do they wrongly assume that the latest breaking news they see on their Opera Mini browser, is provided by Opera Mini.

This is not the case, however,….

The truth is, it is people like you and I, that write all that content and submit them to Opera Mini (via their news platform – Opera news hub) – for display on their app.

Opera News Hub is a new online media platform that helps Nigerian authors and bloggers create online content, and share it with the fast-growing Opera user-base of more than 350 million users worldwide and over 120 million users in the African countries.


How To Make Money On Opera News Hub - In Nigeria:

You can Make Money on Opera News Hub by consistently writing and posting articles about the latest trending news, happenings, and topics you’re interested in.

The more you write, the more likely that some of your articles will go viral, and generate a lot of views and engagement.

Because, in order to make money and get paid by Opera News Hub, there are certain Views and Engagement numbers you must get.

There is a formula for calculating how much you get paid for the number of views and engagement.

But before all that, first, you have to Create An Account on Opera News Hub - as a Content Creator (continue reading, to see the step-by-step tutorial).

How You Get Paid On Opera News Hub | Earning Formula:

Below are the breakdowns of how your article makes you money on the opera news hub platform.

  • 1 click will earn you a bonus of ₦0.03
  • 100 clicks will earn you a bonus of ₦3.6
  • 1,000 clicks will earn you a bonus of ₦36
  • 10,000 clicks will earn you a bonus of ₦360
  • 25,000 clicks will then give, 2.5 × ₦360 - which is ₦900

Mind you,…

Since the opera news hub is a huge platform, it’s way easier to get more than 10,000 clicks in a short period of time.

Moreover, you’ll also get paid for the number of engagement (post shares and comments) you get per article published.

If your article gets more than 100 engagements (shares and comments), you’ll be eligible for the engagement bonus - which is ₦1,800 per 100 engagements.

But, if your article engagement bonus is lesser than 100, you’ll not be eligible for this bonus.

However, articles with over 100 engagements, are eligible.

For example,…

210 engagements, will get 2.1 × 1800 = ₦3,780 as engagement bonus.


But, I Can’t Write,…… I Don’t Know What To Write About,…. What Do I Do?

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to be accepted as an Opera News Hub Creator.

With your Basic English and Writing skill level, you can successfully come up with fairly non-plagiarized articles daily.

You know why?....

Coz you’re not expected to write encyclopedia’s or novels on the site.

You are only required to write at least 150 words per article – in order to get approved for publication.

Come on guys,….

You can surely come up with 150 words per article comfortably right?...

*crickets sound effect*

… All those long texts you send back and forth to that girl or boy, is enough to compose 10 Opera news hub articles fam.

You get the point now…

Are you there?...

And besides,…

You can use tools such as Spinbot, to rephrase already-written articles from elsewhere, and submit to Opera News Hub for consideration.

Note however that, if you Spin or rephrase articles from other websites, Opera News Hub may likely still consider it as a Plagiarized piece of content (and might not approve them for publication).

But guys,….

Surely, you should be able to come up with 150 words off the top of your head na…

Trust me,… It’s easy.

Can’t you see the way I’m flowing in this article you’re reading? (off the top of my head) – Oyibo slang.

Eh eh,….. off the top of my ogo ni (*hisses*)


The third tip I can give to you in terms of writing content for Opera News Hub, is to outsource the writing to a writer.

You can go to places like Nairaland, and hire a cheap writer that wouldn’t mind collecting N1,000 or N1,500 per article.

With this strategy, you can eventually re-coupe the money you spent, when Opera starts paying you for your good-performing articles.

[DID YOU KNOW]: You can also Create a FREE Blog today, and gradually grow it to a point where you start earning money writing your own articles – in addition to writing for Opera News Hub.


How To Create An Opera News Hub Account (Step-By-Step):

To create an account, you need to visit the OperaNews Hub Official Website

On the Home page, you’ll see the “Login/SignUp” button.

Click it, and you’ll be presented with three options for Signup.

I chose ‘SignUp with Facebook’, (but you can  choose ‘Signup with Google’ if you like) – dey your dey make I dey my dey.

The Three stages in the process are:

1.     Login account confirmation

2.     Account information

3.     Author Information

Confirm login account:

What you have to confirm here includes your login account’s

  • Photo
  • Username
  • Country

If you login with the right account, it’s not possible for your login account information to be wrong.

But in case, something is wrong, all you have to do is to click Use another account.

Otherwise, click Confirm to go to step three.

Add account information:

You account information has to be filled as appropriate.

This includes your Opera News:

  • Username
  • Category you want to focus on (Politics, Public Safety, Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, Relationship and Parenting and so on.)
  • Your profile picture
  • Biography

You don’t need to make things complicated for yourself.

Just use a simple and attractive username, select an interesting category for your publications on Opera News, upload a very nice picture and comport yourself while writing your biography.

Add author information:

Just take your time to fill the form with your personal information. 

The information to be provided here is what you’re going to use to claim your payment.

Your referral code is:  NQWGYOX


If what you provide is incorrect, you might not be able to withdraw your money.

NOTE: Your Opay Number is the phone number you used in opening your Opay account. That will be used for withdrawing your earnings. Much will be said later on how to open and link your Opay account to Opera News.

For this reason, ensure all the information you’re entering is correct.

Once the form is filled and submission is confirmed, you will be automatically redirected to your dashboard.

Be aware that your new account might take a few minutes before it is activated.

Reason is that every new account is reviewed by the company before it is fully active.

STEP 4 - Open your Opay account:

In case you haven’t created your Opay account earlier, the following steps will guide you on how to do that successfully.

Steps to create an Opay account:

1.     Go to Google Playstore to download Opay app.

2.     Signup with your valid phone number without the first “0”.

3.     Verify your account with the code sent to your phone number.

4.     Login with your password.

5.     Add your personal info as in your ID card.

6.     Set up a payment pin.

7.     Go to your email and verify your email address.

STEP 5 - Link your Opay account to Opera News hub:

While Opera holds the rights to approve your account and decide which of your articles will go live, it’s your own duty to link your Opay account to the hub so you can start monitoring your earnings in real-time.

At this stage, linking your Opay account to Opera news shouldn’t be a problem.

Go to your Opera news hub dashboard and do the following:

Login to your Opera News hub, click Account and scroll down till where you can see CONTACT INFO.

Click OPAY ACCOUNT and a page titled Update your Opay account will pop up.

Add your Opay number e.g. (08012345678) to the form and click Update.

That's it mate,... You're done.

You have successfully linked your Opay account to your Opera News hub.

So, you can continue publishing important articles and make money on the go. When it’s time to withdraw your earnings, go to your Opay account. It’s straightforward.

STEP 7: Create your first post

Once your account has been fully activated, let business begin.

To create your first Opera News post, you need to launch your dashboard (as seen below) and click Create.

On the main page of the board, you will see Article. Beneath the “Article” is where you’re going to start writing your post.

Before you start writing your first post, there are some important tools in the dashboard, which you need to know their functions.

The one numbered as “2” is where you will place the title of your article and the one numbered as “3” is where you will add the body of your content.

1.     Click add title to enter your post title.

2.     Click the text area (3) to begin writing your post.

3.     You can as well use the H2 in the body of your post to add subheadings to the post.

When you’re done with the content, scroll down to finalize your post.

Complete all the tasks as found in the image above before you publish your post.

That is all you have to do to create your Opera News post.


Tips To Get More Views, Clicks, And Engagement On Opera News Hub:


Write About Current Events – Not Outdated Information:

I did some Research, and wrote about how Albert Einstein’s brain was ‘stolen’ after his death.

Guess what?....

My article was rejected!

What was I thinking?

Writing about someone that died hundreds of years ago.

Opera News Hub requires that you write only about current events, and modern information.

It is not a history lesson site.

Lesson learned.


Write viral content

Viral content are sharable content. They are some kind of posts that go viral on social media. 


Because they are original, relevant, informative, educational and critical. 

When a user comes across an interesting post and wants his friends and family to learn one thing or the other from the post, he shares it. Following that trend, others too will share and share.


Don’t write less than 150 words per post: 

The volume of your post is not what matters but its authority. Ensure whatever you’re writing is rich to make readers love it. Then endeavor to write above 150 words to treat as many relevant points as possible.



Whenever you’re writing, find a way to engage your readers. In fact, you can even encourage readers to like, share and make a comment on your post before leaving the page.

The point is Opera News hub doesn’t pay for your articles but the engagements or the numbers of time someone reads, shares and clicks your posts on the hub.

In the meantime, you have to read this entire piece to the very last end and plan.

You might need to devote 12 to 48 hours in your time per week for the job.

The platform has a monthly earning system in which payment is made to all users based on their performance on every 1st and 15th of each month.

You can have it at the back of your mind that those who set up the platform to create opportunities for people are not philanthropists.

They are a set of entrepreneurs with goals.

That means, to get paid, your articles MUST meet up with their requirements.

Many people are great writers but sometimes have challenges with what to write about – ideas are not just coming.

If you ever find yourself in that circumstance, read How to Find Great Topics or Ideas to Write about so you don’t get stuck midway!

But if you can’t write viral content or you don’t have the time to promote your posts and boost user engagement rates, don’t be discouraged.

In case any of the requirements is too much for you, there is a way out.

You can hire a freelance writer that can do the job for you and pay as low as ₦1000 per article.


How to get your post approved instantly:

It is worth knowing that not all content submitted on Opera News Hub will go live. Some are rejected or completely banned from the platform if found against the terms of use of the service.

So, if you want your post to get published instantly, you have to ensure you don’t involve yourself in any of the following practices:

Copyright violations:

Opera News frowns at plagiarism.

If you want to make money on Opera News hub, you can’t steal other people’s intellectual property and think you will make money with it.

All your content MUST be original as much as possible. While you’re doing your research, avoid doing “cutting and pasting”.

Always study your sources very well to develop your own ideas.

Avoid clickbait titles:

In blogging, we are all used to power words and emotional terms that can add positive or negative sentiment to our title.

All these are believed to be clickbait.

But unfortunately, Opera News doesn’t want authors to use clickbait of any form in the post title. If found in your title, it may cause your post to be rejected or delayed.

So, if you don’t want that to happen to you, endeavor to avoid the following terms in your title whenever you’re creating an article on Opera News hub:

1.     Unbelievable

2.     Surefire

3.     Mind-Blowing

4.     Life-changing

5.     Jaw-dropping

6.     Shocking

7.     Surprise

8.     Must watch

9.     Crowd goes wild

10.   OMG

How To View Your Earnings On Opera News:

Your earnings are automatically recorded on your account as people engage with your posts.

So, have no fear that your efforts will go down the drain.

If you want to see how much you have earned so far with your post, take the following steps:

1.     Login to your account

2.     Open your dashboard

3.     Click Monetization

When you click Monetization on the dashboard, a page containing the numbers of clicks and amount of money you have earned will open.

And you will see it by yourself.

How to withdraw your earnings on Opera News Hub:

Your earnings on Opera News hub must have reached the minimum of ₦5,000 threshold before you can make a withdrawal.

Anytime you make up to ₦5,000, you’re free to withdraw your money.

On your account dashboard, you will find Withdraw Earnings.

Login with your Facebook or Google account and push the button.

If you don’t forget, we said earlier that withdrawals on Opera News hub can only be made on the 1st or 15th of each month.

So, anytime you want to withdraw your earnings, ensure it is on either of those specified days.

But note that your bank plays a factor in this regard.

It’s possible you receive the payment on your Opay account and experience some delay in catching the cash, depending on your bank.

But under normal circumstances, your Opay account will be credited in less than 24 hours of making the withdrawal.

Some banks take a week or less to complete the transaction.

Just be patient with them.

I believe, if you keep writing, no matter how bad your writing is at the beginning, you can improve in no time and start to make money on the platform.

What matters most is the content you create by yourself… So, no compromise!



The opera news hub is actually a passive way to make money online, this is because you’ll get to make money from the previous work you’ve done for a very long time.

It’s nothing difficult, you need to create a short content (around 150 to 500 words - or lesser), and publish it. The more content you have the more your chance of making money.

It now over to you, what do you think about it? Is it worth it or a complete waste of time? Let me hear your opinion about this using the comment section.


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