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What Is Opera News Hub?

What is opera news hub...


opera news hub - what is opera news hub

What Is Opera News Hub?


Opera, is a Norwegian browser developer and leader in the Artificial-intelligence driven digital content space.

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Opera News, is the most downloaded news app in Nigeria today!

And that led them to seek to expand the platform with the introduction of  Opera News Hub.

The Hub on Opera, is a new online media platform that helps Nigerian authors and bloggers create original content online, and share it with the fast-growing Opera user base of more than 350 million users worldwide, and over 120 million users in the African countries.

Opera News Hub connects seamlessly with other Opera mobile applications  - like the popular Opera Mini browser and the standalone news app Opera News.

This means that content creators who choose to distribute original content on Opera News Hub will have a unique opportunity to reach a new international audience, increase their number of followers on social media channels, and run their own online publication across the various Opera mobile products.

“Through Opera News Hub, we enable thousands of Nigerian authors and bloggers to explore their creativity in a collaborative online media platform based on generated content,” said Scot Eritemu, Product Manager for Opera News.“

In addition, Opera News Hub ensures premium content placement across the Opera mobile apps, allowing them to be discovered by a large international audience of over 350 million Opera users.”

The simplest and quickest way to interact with your audience

The Opera News Hub user interface is simple to use - allowing content creators to set up their online content in minutes. 

After completing the login and registration processes, Opera News Hub allows you to create an article in which you can edit the text and images to meet the goals of your publication.

Content creators who already share their content on other social media platforms can link their social media profiles to their own website in Opera News Hub to increase traffic and profile views.

Opera News Hub platform also enables authors and bloggers to track the traffic to their publications, allowing them to better understand the topics that their audiences are most interested in. 

The dashboard of the platform provides detailed information about the number of impressions, visualizations, and shares that their articles have received. 

This information is useful for content creators who are looking for detailed information to improve the monetization of their online content.

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