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Itel S13 Price In Nigeria | Specs And Features

Itel S13 Price In Nigeria | Specs And Features

itel s13 price in nigeria specs and features

In the Itel S-series, the Itel S13 is the company's latest inexpensive Android Go Edition Smartphone. 
Many of Itel's phones come pre-installed with Google's customized version of Android. 
The Itel S13, on the other hand, is the first smartphone in the company's S series to run Android GO. 

Price Of Itel S13 in Nigeria:

Itel S13 goes for around N26,950

Mobile Category

Itel S13 Specifications And Features:

In comparison to devices in its range and price, the new upgrade in the functionality of the Itel S13 is an addition to the phone.
The Itel S13 is unquestionably a successor to the Itel S12 device, which was presented to commemorate the company's tenth anniversary. 

In comparison to its predecessor, the new S13 boasts a larger screen, higher quality, better camera, and overall design.

The S13 is one of the most powerful itel smartphones available in 2018. The itel S13 is a low-cost smartphone with good features. 

The S13, like the S12, has an inbuilt memory of 8GB that can be increased with a memory card. The battery capacity of the itel S13 is also rather good. 

S13 has 1GB RAM - just like the S12, a Quad-Core 1.3GHz processor, Android 8.1 (Go edition) operating system, and a 2400 mAh battery size, just as the S12.

The Style Of Design:

The itel S13 features a lovely plastic body. 

You don't have to settle for the ordinary when you can have a comfortable grip and a trendy style with the itel S13. 

Itel S13 has a new look that is likely to draw attention. 

With the new eye-catching Bordeaux Red hue, S13 boasts silk and a dramatic matte design. 

Bordeaux Red, Champagne Gold, and Midnight Black are the three colors offered for the itel S13.

The Camera:

The selfie camera on the Itel S13 is 13 megapixels. 

The itel S13's 4 in 1 large pixel camera technology is unique compared to other smartphones' cameras. 

Every 4-pixel cell in this camera works together as a single large pixel unit by reorganizing. 

You can now take nice quality selfies regardless of the lighting conditions in the environment with the itel S13.
Face Beauty V2.0 has been improved on the Itel S13. 

This makes your face a slimmer, ruddier, and smoother appearance. It makes you look stunning in photos. 

This feature is specifically designed for itel customers.

For bokeh effect photos and artistic portraits, the itel S13 sports two rear cameras (the main camera has a 5.0MP sensor). 

As a result, the photos you take can tell a captivating tale about you on their own.

The Google Assistant Feature:

In this device, the Google Assistant assists you in getting things done on the move. 

It runs on the AndroidTM 8.1 (Go edition) operating system and comes Google Assistant. 

Itel S13 is a useful assistant thanks to these combinations. The itel S13 is a speedy and responsive device.

Gesture key:

The Itel S13 includes a gesture key. The gesture key was created to help you get the most out of your full-screen experience. 

With the gesture key, you can enjoy a larger display without having to worry about a virtual key taking up space on your screen.

The i-Smart App:

With this feature, you may quickly start your favorite apps with a simple gesture.

The i-Smart App reduces the number of steps required to activate an app on your smartphone. 


Do-Not-Disturb Mode: 

This feature is especially useful for gamers. 

When you're viewing films or playing your favorite games, it helps to keep you from being interrupted. 

Incoming calls will not cause your current application to terminate if you are in Do not disturb mode.

The fingerprint scanner is a security feature on the Itel S13. 

The fingerprint sensor on the S13 preserves the privacy and security of your smartphone's files. 

You can also use the fingerprint sensor to launch your favorite apps with personalized prints.


The Itel S13 is equipped with a 5.5-inch IPS display. 

On the wonderfully vibrant 5.5" IPS display, you can take in every detail whether you're playing a game, viewing a video, or simply surfing the web. 

This display size enlarges and improves your vision of the world.


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