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Julian Hakes Shoes 2021 - fashion brand advertisement - Where can I buy Julian Hakes Shoes?

Julian Hakes Mojito Shoe:

There are thousands of wonderful, stylish, and even unusual shoe types in today's fashion universe. But here's a model that will make you say "WOW!"  

Julian Hakes Shoes Julian Hakes Mojito Shoes

This shoe, named Mojito, was designed by Julian Hakes, a London-based architect, and consists of a unique spiral design creatively wrapped around the wearer's foot - supporting the heel and ball with no footplate in between.

The inspiration for this one-of-a-kind shoe design came from the creator's attempt to determine which parts of the shoe are required to support and protect the foot.

Julian Hakes, the award-winning London-based architect, has released this early concept image of the design for a new ladies fashion footwear concept after working nearly two years in development to refine every delicate sculptural curve and twist of the Mojito shoe.

The Julian Hakes Mojito is a tastefully sculptural curve mixed into a blend of simple creativity, combining bright contrast leather lining, a high heel, and a peep toe to make this a very comfortable and elegant shoe.

Julian Hakes' mojito shoe is absolutely stunning in this one-of-a-kind Matte Oak color.

Julian Hakes Mojito Website:

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Importance Of Shoes In Fashion:

Whether you realize it or not, shoes are an important aspect of practically every outfit.

While most people can ignore mismatched accessories, undershirts, and socks, shoes are generally the first thing people notice, and there are very few scenarios in which you can save your appearance if you show up in an outfit that others find absurd.

Even the most conventionally attractive people would struggle to look formal in athletic shoes or sandals, and the wrong shoes for the job can truly sabotage an otherwise perfect outfit. 

They Make A Difference:

You'd be shocked how much your shoes can change the look of your complete outfit, especially if you don't pay much attention to your personal style in the first place. 

While some people end up with more pairs of shoes than they do clothes, others stick to a few pairs (if not just one) and wear them everywhere; even if you don't see a problem, others will - and trying on a few extra pairs of shoes near a mirror might help you figure out why.

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