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12 Best Fiverr Gigs To Sell In 2021 (Revealed By Fiverr Themselves):

 12 Best Selling Fiverr Gigs 2021 (Revealed By Fiverr Themselves):

12 Best Fiverr Gigs To Sell In 2021


One of the greatest challenges that both old and new Fiverr sellers face is usually, 'How to identify what Services or Gigs to offer - which are highly searched' (in order to get more clicks, and sales).

Luckily for us all,...

For the first time ever,... Fiverr has come out to reveal to us the Best performing, and Trending niches and Services we can offer as freelancers or Sellers on their site.

See the list below...

Official List Of 12 Best Fiverr Gigs To Sell In 2021:

1.    Facebook Ads
2.    Virtual Assistant Service
3.    Content Writing
4.    Social Media Management
5.    YouTube Promotion
6.    Business Card Design
7.    Shopify Website Creation
8.    Photoshop Editing
9.    Voiceover
10. Twitch Emotes
11. Spotify Promotions
12. Non-Fungable Tokens (NFTs)


This is awesome!

Because, armed with this vital information, you now have a better chance of achieving success on fiverr - if you create Gigs around these officially recommended services.

1. Facebook Ads:

With Facebook Ads, you can Offer to design High-converting Facebook Ad banners, or Offer to run and manage Facebook Ads as a Facebook Ads manager.


2. Virtual Assistant:

You can Offer to be a virtual assistant, doing an array of multiple tasks such as;
answering/replying emails, typing, formatting, editing docs, proof-reading, creating canva graphics, assistance with social media tasks, doing online research, and more.


3. Content Writing:

Content writing is so huge, and has many sub-niches such as; articles & blog post writing, website content, creative writing, research & summaries, technical writing, ebook writing, copywriting and so on.
There are plenty of services you can offer under this category.

4. Social Media Management:

Under this niche, you can Offer services such as; becoming a social media manager and content creator, or social media influencer.


5. YouTube Promotions:

You can Offer to organically promote people's YouTube channels - in order to generate more views, likes, and subscribers for them.
Make sure to follow white-hat promotion strategies only, when offering this service.

6. Business Card Design:

Contrary to what a lot of people may think,... Business Cards are not dead!

They are still very much being used as a convenient way to exchange business contact information by goods/service providers.
You can Offer to design business cards, stationery, and envelopes.

7. Shopify Website Creation:

Offer to build or setup Shopify websites/online stores, add menus, write product descriptions, legal pages, add product prices, shipping rates, and so on.

8. Photoshop Editing:

Photoshop is one of the oldest but evergreen niches for freelancers.
If you're proficient with Photoshop, you can offer to; do colour correction, photo retouching, image manipulation, remove blemishes/smoothen skin, do teeth whitening editing, background removal, adding/removing objects, document editing,  photo restoration, and so on.

9. Voiceover:

Just like Photoshop editing, Voiceover has always, and will always remain an evergreen freelance niche.
Voiceover recording and editing is the main service I personally offer on Fiverr.
All you do here is use your Voice to record voiceovers for Commercials, Radio/TV promos, Audiobooks, animation character voicing, documentaries, and so on.
You'll need a quality Studio microphone and an Audio editing software for this.

10. Spotify Promotions:

You can Offer to organically promote people's spotify music all over the world - via Shoutouts, Blog post, Guest posting, Social media promotion, Email marketing, and so on.

11. Twitch Emotes:

Twitch is a massive platform boasting of over 140 million monthly users!
Therefore, a lot of Twitch creators will be needing your skills and Twitch-related services such as creating Twitch emotes, Twitch overlays, transitions, alerts, panels, logos, and so on.
Take advantage of this if you're a skilled Graphics designer.

12. Non-Fungible Tokens - NFTs:

With the recent boom and popularity of the Crypto space, came the emergence of NFTs (Non-fungible tokens).
“Non-fungible” more or less means that an item or thing is unique, and cannot be replaced with something else. 
There are many types of NFTs. But the most popular types are,  NFT artwork.
You can Offer to design unique and insanely-creative NFT artworks, Create NFT marketplace or websites, NFT cards, NFT mints, and so on.

There you have it.
I've just showed you 12 potentially lucrative services to offer on Fiverr (according to Fiverr themselves).
Take action today.
Create as many of those Gigs as you have the skills to do.
See you on the other side of success.


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