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Buy Latest Ankara Notebooks - 2021 (What Ankara Cannot Be Used For Does Not Exist)

 Buy Ankara Notebooks - Best Ankara Books 2021 (Very Beautiful Book Covers)

Ankara Notebooks Ankara Book Cover Ankara Book Prints

We didn’t expect Ankara fabrics to be creatively used in this manner - to beautify and design Notebooks (of all things).

What Ankara fabrics can be used for, does not exist!

I must say,…

This is a welcome development.

In this post, I’ll show you some of the best Spiral and non-spiral Notebooks with Ankara fabric covers.

Buy Ankara Notebooks Ankara Book Covers

ankara notebooks

Ankara Notebooks:

Africans are very innovative, I must say.

… I won’t be surprised if Ankara-styled notebooks end up going viral worldwide (just like Ankara dresses and fashion wears have gone worldwide).

Ankara books are wonderfully crafted in an array of different lovely Ankara designs and patterns – from real ankara fabric.

They are made with locally-sourced Ankara Fabric – to give you that pristine cultural look and feel.

Latest Ankara Notebooks Ankara Book Covers

Best Ankara Notebooks Ankara Book Covers

Buy Ankara Notebooks Ankara Fabric Books

Ankara Notebooks Ankara Book Covers

Yellow Ankara Notebooks Ankara Book Covers

Buy Ankara Notebooks Ankara Book Covers

Ankara Notebooks

Ankara Books

Ankara Book Designs

Ankara Book Styles

Ankara Book Styles 2022

Ankara is an African fabric that can be used for a variety of purposes, but is most commonly used for sewing dresses and wrapping gifts.

They come in a variety of styles and materials.

However, the best quality I am aware of in Nigeria is Hollandis, and Hi-target fabrics - which are mostly purchased by elderly women and wrapped around their waist.

Event planners have also begun to use this fabric to decorate traditional wedding venues - which I must say is impressive!


How To Make A Hard-Cover Ankara Notebook By Yourself | Ankara Fabric Book DIY:


Tools needed;

  1. Hard cover Note book
  2. Ankara fabrics
  3. Scissor
  4. Cardboard paper
  5. Ruler
  6. Glue

Step To Take:

Measure the length and width of the notebook.

Then get your cardboard paper and take same measurement but make it 2 centimeters shorter.

Next,… Cut out your measurement and keep for later use.

Then place the Ankara on a table or smooth surface, and place the notebook on it.

Apply some glue on the notebook, and smoothen the Ankara fabric on it.

Also do the same for the other side of the notebook.

You have to let this sit for at least 5minuites.

Then cut out any excess fabric - because you won't be needing so much.

Then cut a slant shape by the binding side of the book which you tuck into the binding.

If there is no space to tuck it in, you can cut it out.

Then, glue down the edges of your fabric on the notebook.

Put some glue on the edges of your fabric, and glue it on the notebook.

Also do the same for the other side of your notebook.


 Glue down your cutout cardboard paper unto your notebook on both sides, and that’s it!

 You’ve now made your very own Custom Ankara fabric Notebook.


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