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Plateau State Tertiary Institution Workers Give Conditions To End Strike

Workers In Plateau Tertiary Institutions Give Conditions To End Strike

Plateau State Tertiary Institution Workers Give Conditions To End Strike

The Joint Union of Plateau State-owned Tertiary Institutions has vowed to continue the strike going until the state government addresses outstanding demands.

Mr. Sunoe Longbam, the union's chairman, stated the condition at a news conference in Jos on Friday.

He claimed that the government had previously broken numerous agreements with the union, which was the impetus for the ongoing strike.

"As you are all aware, workers at Plateau State-owned tertiary institutions have been on strike for the past two weeks due to a breach of a signed agreement with the government on outstanding issues."

"In fact, none of those agreements have been honored by the government up to this point."

"We are also concerned about how government agencies and departments are handling our issues."

"In light of these, we feel compelled to call this news conference."

"It is to inform the public about our lingering unresolved issues in order to set the record straight and let everyone know that the strike will continue until our demands are met," he said.

Longbam stated that some of the issues revolve around the non-release of 25% of Treasury Single Account funds totaling N460 million to tertiary institutions, as well as the non-implementation of unusual allowances as stipulated in previous agreements.
Others include the non-payment of pension arrears to retired members for a period of 24 months, the reconsolidation of tertiary institution salary institutions, and the government's continuous withholding of members' salary deductions.

The chairman urged parents and members of the public to support and cooperate in the union's efforts to save tertiary education in the state from total collapse.

"A situation in which the government does not respond to our reminders and notices is cause for concern."

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