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Mattress Sizes In Inches - Different Types Of Mattresses In Nigeria

Mattress Sizes

When looking for the ideal bed size, the size of your bedroom and your budget are key considerations.

In this mattress sizes and dimensions guide, we will discuss the various mattress sizes available as well as the recommended room size for each of them to assist you in selecting the most appropriate mattress size.

Apart from texture and feel, another essential facet of your mattress that influences your decision is its size. 

One of the most important considerations is the size of your mattress.

Here are the different mattress sizes in the world...

Types Of Mattresses | Mattress Sizes (In Inches):

Mattress Sizes And Dimensions In Inches Types Of Mattresses In Nigeria
Mattress sizes and dimensions in inches

Mattress Size Chart:

Crib 28 × 52 inches 71.12 × 132.08 cm
Small Single 30 × 75 inches 76.20 × 190.50 cm
Twin 38 × 75 inches 96.52 × 190.50 cm
Twin XL 38 × 80 inches 96.52 × 203.20 cm
Full 54 × 75 inches 137.16 × 190.50 cm
Full XL 54 × 80 inches 137.16 × 203.20 cm
Queen 60 × 80 inches 152.40 × 203.20 cm
Olympic Queen 66 × 80 inches 167.64 × 203.20 cm
King 76 × 80 inches 193.04 × 203.20 cm
California King 72 × 84 inches 182.88 × 213.36 cm

Crib Bed / Mattresses:

A crib size mattress is 28" wide by 52" long and no more than 6 inches thick, designed to fit inside a crib.

Because the federal government regulates crib mattress sizes for safety reasons, finding one that fits your crib should be simple.

Soft bedding has been linked to sudden infant death syndrome, so the mattress should be firm.

Small Single Bed / Mattresses:

Small single-size mattresses are frequently used to transition a child from the crib to sleeping in a bed.

Toddlers can sleep comfortably on one until they reach the size of a twin mattress.

If you have limited living space, a small single mattress can also be used as a small guest bed.

Twin Bed / Mattresses:

A standard single, twin, or bunk mattress measures 38" wide by 75" long. Other than a toddler bed or crib, you'd be hard pressed to find a bed any smaller than this one.

This is typically appropriate for children who have outgrown cribs and toddler beds and are ready to progress to a larger mattress.

Furthermore, Twin beds are an excellent choice for those who sleep in cramped quarters, have small rooms, or share a room with a sibling or roommate. 

This type is commonly found in day beds, bunk beds, dorm room beds, and guest room beds.

Twin XL Bed / Mattresses:

9.6 feet by 10.6 feet is the minimum room size required.

The twin XL mattress is 5 inches longer than the twin mattress, making it ideal for taller individuals.

The twin XL mattress is a popular mattress size for college dorm rooms because it works well with bunk beds. 

Twin XL mattresses are less expensive than full or queen size beds, so keeping one on hand for a guest is a cost-effective option.

Full Bed / Mattresses:

9.6 feet by 10.6 feet is the minimum room size required.

A full size mattress, also known as a double bed, does not provide enough space for a couple, but it is a significant upgrade for a single sleeper. 

A double bed provides enough space to spread out while taking up little floor space, making it an excellent choice for teenagers or young adults.

Double mattresses are less expensive than queen mattresses, but they are more difficult to move because they are not as compact and lightweight as a twin XL.

Full XL Bed / Mattresses:

9.6 feet by 10.6 feet is the minimum room size required.

A full XL mattress adds 5 inches of legroom, allowing for the height of a full-grown adult. 

We don't recommend this size for couples because the width is too narrow; however, it makes an excellent guest room bed — especially if you don't have enough money for a queen size.

Queen Bed / Mattresses:

10 feet by 10 feet is the minimum room size required.

Queen mattresses provide enough room for two couples to sleep comfortably. 

We recommend this mattress size for couples who don't require a room of space or for a single adult who requires extra space.

The queen size bed is a great choice for a guest or master bedroom. Many parents purchase queen mattresses for their older teenagers and use them as guest beds when the child moves out.

Split queen beds are available in queen sizes (two separate mattresses). These work well for couples who have different firmness preferences.

Olympic Queen Bed / Mattresses:

10 feet by 10 feet is the minimum room size required.

The Olympic queen adds 6 inches of width for couples who don't require a king-size bed but want more space. 

Because this mattress is not a standard size bed, it is not as easily found in mattress stores. 

Olympic queen size bedding is also difficult to come by.

They can be used in RVs, campers, and mobile homes.

King Bed / Mattresses:

12 feet by 12 feet is the minimum room size required.

King mattresses are 16 inches wider than queen beds and are long enough to accommodate most adult sleepers. 

The king-size bed has the widest mattress of the standard bed sizes, allowing two people to have their own space.

Split king mattresses are available, which are two Twin XL beds side by side. 

Instead of settling for a single bed, this option allows couples to have different mattress preferences. 

Many people prefer the split king mattress size because it works well with adjustable beds.

California King Bed / Mattresses:

Room dimensions must be 12 feet by 12 feet.

A California king mattress is 4 inches narrower and 4 inches longer than a standard king mattress. 

The extra length allows for extra tall people to be accommodated. 

This mattress can accommodate two adult sleepers as well as parents who co-sleep with a child.

The California king bed is available in a split configuration, allowing each sleeper to choose a different mattress firmness than their partner.

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