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HP Officejet 3830 Ink Price in US UK France Germany Canada Australia HP Officejet 3830 manual and drivers

HP OFFICEJET 3830 Ink Price HP OFFICEJET 3830 Driver and Replacement Cartridges


HP OFFICEJET 3830 Price In US UK France Germany:

HP OFFICEJET 3830 goes for:
Around $289 USD
Around €283.82 EUR
Around N166,175 NGN

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HP OFFICEJET 3830 Printer Specs And Features:

Model Number3830
Cellular Technology4G Wireless
Screen Diagonal Length2.2 inch LCD Screen
Printer Dimensions45 × 36.4 × 21.69 cm (17.7× 14.33 × 8.54 inches) 
Printer Dots Per Inch (DPI)4800 × 1200 dpi (color); 1200 × 1200 dpi (black and white)
Pages Per Minute (PPM),
or Print-Speed
6 ppm color, 8.5 ppm black
Printer Weight5.76 kg (12.7 pounds)
Release DateSeptember 17, 2018

Printer TechnologyInkJet
Print Speed
(Pages Per Minute)
6 Pages Per Minute Color; 8.5 Pages Per Minute Black
FunctionsPrinter, Scanner, Copier, Fax 
Compatible DevicesSmartphones, PC, Laptops, Memory Card
Auto 2-sided PrintingYes - Up to 35 sheets of paper in the Document feeder tray 
Installed Memory (RAM)512MB
Input Paper Tray Capacity
  • Plain paper sheets: Up to 60
  • Envelopes: Up to 5
  • Index cards: Up to 20
  • Photo paper sheets: Up to 20
Output Tray Capacity
  • Plain paper sheets: Up to 25
  • Envelopes: Up to 5
  • Photo paper sheets: Up to 10
ConnectivityEthernet, USB 2.0, Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) 
Color or MonochromeColor printer and Monochrome printer

HP OFFICEJET 3830 Manual (User Guide):

HP OFFICEJET 3830 Ink Cartridges:

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HP OFFICEJET 3830 Specs:

Body And Display:

HP OFFICEJET 3830 has a dimension of 17.72 × 14.33 × 8.54 inches, and has a Screen (diagonal) size of 2.2 inch LCD screen.
For Print quality, you get a Max. Image Resolution of 4800 × 1200 dpi (color), and 1200 × 1200 dpi (black).
This device weighs 5.76 kilograms (12.7 pounds).

Print-Speed And Performance:

HP OFFICEJET 3830 prints standardized pages at a rate of 6 pages per minute (ppm) for color, and 8.5 pages per minute (ppm) for black.

Input/Output Capacity:

HP OFFICEJET 3830 Input Paper Tray Capacity can handle; 
  • Up to 60 Plain paper sheets
  • Up to 5 Envelopes
  • Up to 20 Index cards
  • Up to 20 Photo paper sheets

And, Output Tray Capacity can handle;
  • Up to 25 Plain paper sheets
  • Up to 5 Envelopes
  • Up to 10 Photo paper sheets


You can connect such devices as; Smartphones, PC, Laptops and Memory cards.

Port connectivity can be realized via Ethernet, USB, and Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n).


Printer Glossary And Terminologies:

Pages Per Minute (PPM), or Print Speed:

When it comes to purchasing a new printer, there are several factors to consider – namely; cost, size, color or black and white.

Another consideration is a printer's PPM, or pages per minute rating.

Pages Per Minute (PPM), or Print Speed, is the standard measurement for how quickly a printer can print a standardized page. There are many different types of printers on the market, and each printer's PPM is unique.

PPM of 25 indicates that a printer can print 25 pages of text per minute.

Because most printers print color pages a little slower, you'll often see a separate rating for color Pages Per Minute and black-and-white PPM.

While a higher pages-per-minute rating indicates faster printing speed, this measurement can be deceptive.

This is due to the fact that manufacturers measure the maximum PPM in the fastest printing mode, also known as "economy mode," which has the lowest quality. 

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The speed of printing in regular mode may be twice as slow. When printing in fine or high-quality mode, the speed will almost certainly be reduced even more.

Furthermore, the maximum PPM speed of a printer is measured using plain text pages with no graphics, lines, or other objects.

As a result, if you have a text document with a picture, the page may take several times as long to print as a plain text document.

If you plan on printing a lot of color photos, check the printer's photo printing speed, which is often significantly slower than the maximum PPM.

Finally, the PPM measurement ignores the time it takes the printer to warm up and begin printing. As a result, if you are only printing one or two pages, the warm-up time may be longer than the actual printing time.

Dots Per Inch (DPI):

Dots Per Inch (DPI), is a common term for resolution, print quality, and image quality.

In simple terms, a certain number of dots will be printed for every inch square of print.

Dots Per Inch is a printer resolution measurement that indicates how many ink dots the printer can place in one square inch; the higher the DPI, the sharper the image.

As a result, a printer with 300 DPI prints 300 x 300 per square inch, or 90,000 dots per inch. Because all printers use dots, printers with low DPI may experience jaggies

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Types Of Printers:

InkJet Printer:

Inkjet printers use dye or pigment-based ink to function. They are an excellent choice for people who require high-quality results and frequently print graphics.

Inkjet printers are commonly used by home users, as well as home, school, and small office users who print image-heavy documents.

Inkjet printers use small nozzles to spray ink droplets onto the paper.

This method produces brightly colored images and is an excellent choice if you want to include high-resolution photos, graphics, or images in your documents.

Laser Printer:

To produce text and images, use toner. They are typically larger than inkjet printers and have fast print speeds.

Larger businesses and busy offices with high print volumes frequently choose laser printers because of their business-focused features, such as optional trays for extra capacity, large replacement supply yields, and advanced security features.

Toner powder is used in laser printers instead of dye or pigment-based ink. Laser printers produce electrostatically charged dots on a light-sensitive drum, which attracts toner powder.

A heating process transfers the toner to the paper and fixes it. Laser printers produce sharp black-and-white and vibrant color prints.

HP OFFICEJET 3830 Ink Price 2022 . HP OFFICEJET 3830 price in USA 2022 . HP OFFICEJET 3830 price in France . HP OFFICEJET 3830 Specs . HP OFFICEJET 3830 price in UK . Best Printers 2022 . Best HP Printers . HP OFFICEJET 3830 Review . Software . Setup . Ink walmart . wireless setup . 

InkJet Printer Vs. Laser Printer:

Most people would recommend getting an inkjet printer as a home printer for occasional printing.

However, one common complaint about inkjet printers is that the ink dries up if not used frequently. 

With that said, if you have the money, I strongly suggest you to get a low-cost laser printer instead; the toner used by laser printers does not dry up.

However, if you will be printing a small volume of documents and require high resolution colored images on a regular basis, inkjet printers will suffice. 

Laser printers are known to be more durable and capable of printing large volumes of monochrome and colored documents on a regular basis.

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