How To Buy USDT In Nigeria On Remitano (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

How To Buy USDT on Remitano

Step 1: Create a Remitano Account

  • Visit Remitano website or mobile app
  • Click on “Register” to create your account
  • Enter your email, password and confirm password
  • Verify email to activate your account

Step 2: Complete KYC Verification

  • Explain importance of KYC for buying crypto
  • Click on “Profile” and then “Verification”
  • Submit ID proof and selfie as per platform requirements
  • Wait for KYC verification – usually takes 1-2 days

Step 3: Fund Your Remitano Wallet

  • Hover over Wallet and click Deposit
  • Choose your preferred deposit method
    • Bank transfer
    • Credit/debit cards
    • Gift cards
    • Cryptocurrency
    • Cash deposit
  • Enter amount and follow prompts to complete deposit
  • Deposited funds will reflect in your Remitano wallet
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Step 4: Search for USDT Offers

  • From homepage, click “Buy” option
  • Enter amount of USDT you want to buy
  • Choose payment method
  • Click Search to view all available USDT offers
  • Filter offers by price, payment method, trader rating etc.

Step 5: Open Trade With Seller

  • Pick suitable USDT offer from search results
  • Click “Buy” button to open trade with seller
  • Carefully read seller’s terms and click “Accept terms”
  • Enter USDT amount and click “Open Trade”

Step 6: Follow Steps to Complete Trade

  • Once trade is opened, USDT are held in escrow
  • Follow all instructions from seller carefully
  • Make payment via agreed method within specified time
  • Upload payment proof and click “I have paid”
  • Wait for seller to verify and release USDT

Step 7: Withdraw USDT to Wallet

  • Once seller releases USDT, it will reflect in your Remitano wallet
  • Go to Wallet, click Withdraw and enter USDT amount
  • Provide receiving address and wallet details
  • Click Withdraw to transfer USDT to your wallet

Tips for Buying USDT on Remitano

  • Stick to trusted sellers with high ratings/trades
  • Start small if new – buy in batches and increase later
  • Don’t make payment until seller is ready
  • Always verify payment proofs before releasing
  • Move USDT to your wallet as soon as received


  • Recap key steps – account, KYC, fund, search, trade, withdraw
  • Remitano provides a simple way to buy USDT with many payment options
  • Follow all instructions carefully for smooth experience
  • You can now use USDT on Remitano for trading other coins


What are the limits for buying USDT on Remitano?

Remitano has set some limits on the amount of USDT that can be purchased by users according to their verification level. For Level 1 users with only email verification, the limit is up to $500 worth of USDT per day. For Level 2 users who have submitted ID proof, the limit is up to $2,000 per day. Level 3 verified users with video verification can buy up to $10,000 worth of USDT per day.

How do I choose the right USDT seller on Remitano?

Look for sellers with a high trade volume and positive feedback rating of 90% and above. Carefully read their terms of trade and see if their price is reasonable. Check that they have quick response times and follow all instructions promptly before choosing them. Avoid new sellers with no or low ratings.

Is it safe to buy USDT on Remitano?

Yes, Remitano uses an escrow system so the USDT is only released to buyers after the seller confirms payment. Your funds are held securely until the trade is completed, so there is very little risk involved. Remitano also has 24/7 customer support in case issues arise. As long as you follow all the steps carefully, it is safe to buy USDT.

What happens if my trade gets stuck on Remitano?

In case your trade does not get completed due to any reason, you can raise a dispute within 24 hours after payment. The Remitano support team will investigate and release the funds back to you from escrow if no fault is found from your side. Make sure to provide all relevant evidence and details to the support team.

How much does Remitano charge for buying USDT?

Remitano charges a 0.5% fixed fee for each buy trade. For example, if you buy $100 worth of USDT, you will be charged 50 cents as the platform fee. There are no deposit or withdrawal fees. You only pay the blockchain network fees for withdrawing USDT to an external wallet.