NOSRWebs is a website dedicated to providing helpful information and reviews on various tech topics including cloud hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), digital marketing, cryptocurrency, and the latest gadgets.

Founded in 2019, by Chibuike Catalyst, NOSRWebs aims to be a leading resource for those looking to learn more about and stay up-to-date with the fast-paced world of technology.

With over 5 years of experience working in the tech industry, John recognized a need for honest, unbiased information and reviews to help guide people’s decisions when adopting new technologies.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting has revolutionized the way modern websites and web applications are built, deployed and managed. As more businesses migrate to the cloud, our cloud hosting reviews provide insightful analysis and comparisons of the most popular cloud hosting providers like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and more.

We cover topics like:

  • The pros and cons of public, private and hybrid cloud hosting solutions
  • Unmanaged, managed and fully-managed hosting options
  • Cloud scalability, flexibility and cost efficiency
  • Cloud security, backup and disaster recovery
  • Integrations with platforms like WordPress and Magento
  • CDNs, caching and performance optimization

Our cloud hosting reviews are carefully researched and backed by actual testing and benchmarks of features like uptime, load times and ease-of-use. The goal is to provide readers with the clearest picture of which cloud hosting provider is best aligned to their specific needs and budget.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to running a successful website. Our SEO section offers a wealth of tips, how-tos, and strategic advice to help sites improve organic traffic, rankings and visibility.

Topics covered include:

  • SEO basics like metadata, site structure and internal linking
  • Advanced on-page optimization techniques
  • Building high quality backlinks
  • Local SEO best practices
  • Optimizing for voice search
  • Analyzing rankings with SEO tools
  • Latest search algorithm updates and changes
  • SEO troubleshooting guides
  • SEO case studies and experiments

With new search engine updates and shifts in user behavior happening constantly, we pour over the latest SEO news, tools and strategies so our readers have actionable information to sharpen their own SEO game. Our goal is not just to drive more free search traffic, but qualified visitors that convert.

Digital Marketing

Beyond just search traffic, there is a digital marketing ecosystem of channels that allow brands to reach, engage with and track potential customers online. We break down and analyze popular digital marketing channels like:

  • Social media marketing
  • Content and influencer marketing
  • Paid advertising platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads
  • Email marketing best practices
  • Affiliate marketing programs
  • Retargeting and remarketing ads
  • Analytics and conversion tracking

Our digital marketing section helps brands better understand the opportunities and pitfalls around these channels. We offer strategic advice, actionable tips, and digital marketing campaign case studies to showcase what’s working across different industries.

The goal is to keep readers up-to-speed on the latest digital marketing innovations and equip them to make smart, data-driven decisions.


Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are transforming finance and business models across industries. For those looking to better understand and invest in this new digital asset class, our crypto section offers:

  • Beginner’s guides on buying, selling and storing cryptocurrency
  • Reviews of leading exchanges and wallets
  • The latest news impacting Bitcoin prices and crypto adoption
  • In-depth crypto analysis and price predictions
  • Emerging altcoins and blockchain platforms to watch
  • Crypto regulation updates and policy developments globally
  • Advice on crypto taxes, accounting and compliance

We filter out the hype around cryptocurrencies to provide readers with sober, fact-based analysis of market opportunities and risks.

Our goal isn’t to push specific coins or projects, but equip investors with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions aligned to their risk tolerance and investment strategy.

Gadget Reviews

We love technology and gadgets here at NOSRWebs – and know many of our readers feel the same!

That’s why we dedicate a section of our site to providing timely, hands-on reviews of the latest and greatest gadgets hitting the market across categories like:

  • Smartphones from Apple, Samsung and more
  • Smart home devices
  • Wireless earbuds and speakers
  • Laptops, desktops and computer accessories
  • Smart watches and wearable fitness trackers
  • Drones, digital cameras and other mobile tech
  • Gaming consoles, VR gear, video games and accessories
  • 3D printers, coding gadgets and STEM toys

Our gadget reviews put new products through extensive real-world testing and benchmarks to provide objective analysis on key specs and capabilities.

We aim to answer common questions consumers have when comparing new tools and tech purchases.

Over time, reviewers develop expertise around specific brands and device categories they personally use – meaning our recommendations come from first-hand experience.

About the Founder

After seeing the rise of cloud infrastructure, Chibuike pivoted to specializing in cloud networks and security – architecting solutions around AWS, Google Cloud and Azure.

The idea for NOSRWebs originated while Chibuike was consulting various companies on optimizing web traffic and conversions.

He recognized most blogs and review sites lacked the technical depth required by enterprise IT and engineering teams researching new technologies.

The NOSRWebs Difference

While there are many great technology publications, NOSRWebs strives to deliver unique value to our readers in a few key ways:

Credibility – Our domain expertise around topics like cloud infrastructure, search optimization and digital marketing lends additional credibility compared to general tech news sites. Our focus is providing analysis and recommendations enterprises can confidently build upon.

Objectivity – As an independent site, our technology reviews and comparisons are unbiased. We have the freedom to provide objective perspectives and highlights issues some vendor-supported publications might avoid.

Clarity for Non-Technical Readers – While our site dives deep technically around some complex topics like blockchain and deep learning, the goal is making this information clear and accessible for non-technical business leaders, marketing professionals and investors evaluating new technologies.

Community – We actively respond to reader comments and questions across our content. The site facilitates an exchange of ideas and best practices around the technology powering digital business.

Looking Ahead

As NOSRWebs continues maturing, some areas of future expansion include:

  • An increased focus on actionable tutorials around SEO, cloud deployment, marketing automation, cryptocurrency investing and other technical topics
  • Spotlighting a wider range of emerging technologies like AI, VR/AR, IoT, 5G and quantum computing
  • Becoming a leading research site for renewable energy technologies, sustainability solutions and green computing initiatives
  • Launching new project initiatives like tools, calculators, quizzes and assessments around site topics
  • Expanding our insights through surveys, expert interviews and panel discussions

We sincerely thank you for visiting NOSRWebs and hope you find our technology guides, news and reviews helpful!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or feedback. Here’s to the ongoing adventure of leveraging technology to drive digital transformation and human progress!