How to Buy USDT TRC20 In Nigeria On Remitano

How to Buy USDT TRC20 on Remitano

Create a Remitano Account

  • Go to and click “Sign Up”
  • Enter your email and password
  • Verify your email address
  • Complete your profile details

Verify Your Remitano Account

  • Remitano requires identity verification for buying cryptocurrency
  • Provides enhanced security and prevents fraud
  • Verification typically requires:
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Photo ID
    • Proof of address
  • Verification levels determine account limits
  • Can take 1-2 days, but often much quicker
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Deposit Fiat Currency

  • Remitano supports many fiat currencies
  • Need to deposit fiat to exchange for USDT TRC20
  • Deposit options:
    • Bank transfer
    • Credit/debit cards
    • Cash deposit
    • Mobile money
    • Gift cards
    • Online wallets
  • Deposits are free for most options
  • Funds will show in Remitano wallet once received


  • From Remitano wallet, select “Buy Cryptocurrency”
  • Search for USDT TRC20 or Tether TRC-20
  • Select amount of USDT to purchase
  • Choose payment method
  • Review seller ratings and terms
  • Complete purchase and send payment

Withdraw USDT TRC20

  • Once trade completes, USDT TRC20 will be in your Remitano wallet
  • Go to “My Wallet” and select withdraw
  • Enter TRC20 address to withdraw to
  • Minimal fees, completed in minutes
  • Store USDT TRC20 securely in your wallet

Tips for Buying on Remitano

  • Compare seller rates to get best price
  • Start small if new to cryptocurrency
  • Enable 2FA for enhanced security
  • Only trade with reputable sellers
  • Don’t publicly share wallet addresses
  • Double check send/receive addresses when transferring
  • Withdraw to private wallet after purchasing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is USDT TRC20?

USDT TRC20 is a version of the stablecoin Tether that runs on the Tron blockchain. It has the same 1:1 peg to the US dollar.

Why buy USDT TRC20 instead of regular USDT?

USDT TRC20 offers faster and cheaper transactions compared to USDT on Ethereum. Withdrawal fees are minimal.

Is buying USDT TRC20 on Remitano safe?

Remitano has robust security features and escrow protection. As long as you take precautions, it is generally safe to buy on Remitano.

What are Remitano’s trading limits?

Trading limits depend on your account verification level. With full verification, the daily limit is up to $15,000 and monthly limit is $50,000.

Is KYC mandatory on Remitano?

Yes, Remitano requires identity verification (KYC) to use their cryptocurrency trading services. This keeps the platform compliant with anti-money laundering regulations.

Can I buy USDT TRC20 with credit card on Remitano?

Yes, Remitano supports buying USDT TRC20 with Visa and Mastercard credit cards. Transactions fees are around 3.5%.

How long does USDT TRC20 withdrawal take?

USDT TRC20 withdrawals from Remitano to an external Tron wallet take 5-30 minutes typically. They have low fees of just 1 USDT.

What should I do if my Remitano trade doesn’t complete?

Contact Remitano customer support if your trade is interrupted or doesn’t complete. They will investigate and resolve the issue.