TECNO SPARK 7 Price In Nigeria (2024), Specs – 5000mAh, slot, Jumia

Tecno Spark 7 Price In Nigeria 2024

Launch DateApril 9, 2021 (Announced) / April 16, 2021 (Released)
BodyDimensions: 164.8 x 76.1 x 9.5 mm, Plastic build
Display6.5 inch IPS LCD, 720 x 1600 pixels, 20:9 aspect ratio
Operating SystemAndroid 11 with HiOS 7.5 skin
Memory2GB/3GB/4GB RAM, 32GB/64GB storage, microSD slot
CameraDual rear: 16MP main, 1080p@30fps, Front: 8MP, 1080p
Price (Nigeria)NGN 85,000
SoundLoudspeaker, 3.5mm headphone jack, average audio
ConnectivityWiFi, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, microUSB 2.0, FM Radio
SensorsFingerprint, Accelerometer, Proximity
Battery5000 mAh (African variant), 6000 mAh (International)

Launch Date

The Tecno Spark 7 was announced on April 9, 2021 and released on April 16, 2021. It is currently available to purchase.


The Spark 7 has dimensions of 164.8 x 76.1 x 9.5 mm (6.49 x 3.00 x 0.37 in) and weighs around – grams. It has a dual SIM slot with support for Nano-SIM cards in a dual standby mode. The build quality is plastic which keeps the phone lightweight.


The Spark 7 comes with a 6.5 inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels and an aspect ratio of 20:9. The pixel density stands at around 270 ppi. The display is decent for the price and provides good color reproduction and brightness levels. It lacks any additional protection like Gorilla Glass however.

Operating System

The device runs on Android 11 with Tecno’s custom HiOS 7.5 skin on top. The UI is smooth and easy to navigate.


The Spark 7 is available in 3 memory configurations – 2GB RAM + 32GB storage, 3GB RAM + 64GB storage and 4GB RAM + 64GB storage. There is a dedicated microSD card slot to further expand storage up to 256GB.


For photography, the Spark 7 sports a dual rear camera setup consisting of a 16MP main camera with AF and Quad-LED flash. The rear camera can record up to 1080p videos at 30fps. On the front is an 8MP selfie camera with softlight and dual LED flash that can also record 1080p videos. The cameras deliver decent pictures with good colors and details in proper lighting conditions. Low light photos tend to be grainy however.

TECNO SPARK 7 Price In Nigeria

The TECNO SPARK 7 price in Nigeria is NGN 85,000 at Slot and Jumia. The price converts to around $145 based on current exchange rates.

Different memory variants are priced slightly lower or higher.


There is a standard loudspeaker and a 3.5mm headphone jack on the Spark 7. Audio quality from both the loudspeaker and headphones is average.


The Spark 7 offers WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, microUSB 2.0 port and FM Radio for connectivity options. There is no NFC or infrared blaster. Sensors on the phone include Fingerprint sensor, Accelerometer and Proximity sensor.


The phone has a fingerprint sensor mounted on the back. Additional sensors include Accelerometer and Proximity sensor.


The Tecno Spark 7 packs a large 5000 mAh battery in the African variant and 6000 mAh battery in the international variant. Both batteries should provide excellent battery life of over 2 days of moderate usage on a single charge. The phone supports 10W charging via microUSB.


The Spark 7 comes in three color options – Morpheus Blue, Spruce Green, Magnet Black. Some model numbers for the device include – KF6, KF6j, KF6i, KF6k, PR651h, PR651, PR651E, KF6m, KF6h, KF6n.

Comparison With Similar Phones

Here is how the Tecno Spark 7 compares to other phones in the same price segment:

  • Redmi 9A – Also powered by MediaTek Helio A25 processor but has a smaller 5000 mAh battery. The Redmi lacks a fingerprint sensor.
  • Infinix Smart 5 – Comes with a higher resolution 720p display and larger 6000 mAh battery but has less RAM/storage configurations. Camera performance is similar.
  • Nokia 1.4 – Better camera setup with triple rear cameras and OZO audio technology. However it has less RAM/storage and an older Android 10.

Pros and Cons


  • Large 6000 mAh battery
  • Dedicated microSD card slot
  • Rear mounted fingerprint sensor
  • 1080p video recording
  • Android 11 OS


  • Low resolution 720p display
  • No USB Type C or fast charging
  • Average camera performance
  • Old micro USB port
  • No NFC or IR blaster

Final Thoughts

The Tecno Spark 7 is a decent budget smartphone that offers good value for money. The large battery, fingerprint sensor, Android 11 and expandable storage are great features to have at this price.

However, the low resolution display, average cameras and lack of USB C port or fast charging puts it behind the competition.

For basic smartphone users on a tight budget who prioritize battery life, the Spark 7 is worth considering.

But if you want better specs and camera quality, options like the Redmi 9A or Nokia 1.4 are recommended.

Exploring the Tecno Spark 7: A Budget-Friendly Smartphone for Emerging Markets

The Tecno Spark 7 has positioned itself as an attractive option in the budget smartphone segment, particularly in emerging markets like Nigeria.

While the original review covered the key specifications and features, there’s more to unpack about this device and its place in the competitive low-cost smartphone landscape.

Let’s dive deeper into what makes the Tecno Spark 7 tick and how it stacks up against the competition in 2024.

Optimizing Performance: Making the Most of Limited Resources

The Tecno Spark 7 comes equipped with modest hardware, including 2GB, 3GB, or 4GB of RAM paired with 32GB or 64GB of storage.

While these specifications may seem limited compared to mid-range or flagship devices, Tecno has implemented several optimizations to ensure smooth performance for everyday tasks.

HiOS 7.5: A Custom Android Experience

  • Built on Android 11, HiOS 7.5 is Tecno’s custom user interface designed to enhance the user experience on lower-end hardware.
  • The UI includes memory optimization features that help manage background processes and free up RAM for active applications.
  • App freezer functionality allows users to put rarely used apps into hibernation, reducing their impact on system resources.

Efficient Processor Management

  • The MediaTek Helio A25 processor, while entry-level, is optimized for power efficiency and basic multitasking.
  • Tecno has implemented adaptive CPU scaling to balance performance and battery life based on usage patterns.
  • The processor’s architecture allows for smooth execution of everyday tasks like web browsing, social media, and light gaming.

Storage Expansion and Management

  • The dedicated microSD card slot supports up to 256GB of additional storage, crucial for users who need extra space for media and apps.
  • Tecno provides built-in storage management tools to help users identify and remove unnecessary files, keeping the system running smoothly.

By focusing on these optimizations, Tecno has created a device that can deliver a respectable user experience despite its hardware limitations.

This approach is particularly valuable for users in emerging markets who prioritize functionality and affordability over cutting-edge specifications.

Camera Capabilities: Maximizing Potential on a Budget

While the camera specifications of the Tecno Spark 7 may not impress on paper, the company has invested in software enhancements to improve the overall photography experience.

Let’s explore how Tecno aims to deliver competitive image quality in the budget segment.

AI-Enhanced Photography

  • The 16MP main camera leverages artificial intelligence to optimize scene detection and adjust camera settings automatically.
  • AI portrait mode helps create a bokeh effect, simulating the depth-of-field typically achieved with more advanced camera systems.
  • Night mode uses multi-frame capture and AI processing to improve low-light photography, a common weakness in budget smartphones.

Video Recording Features

  • 1080p video recording at 30fps is supported on both front and rear cameras, offering decent quality for social media sharing.
  • Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) helps reduce shakiness in video footage, enhancing overall video quality.
  • Slow-motion video capture allows for creative expression, albeit at lower resolutions.

Selfie Camera Innovations

  • The 8MP front-facing camera includes a softlight flash for improved low-light selfies.
  • AI beautification features allow users to adjust skin smoothing, face slimming, and other enhancements in real-time.
  • Group selfie mode uses software to fit more people into the frame, compensating for the lack of an ultra-wide front camera.

While the Tecno Spark 7’s camera system may not compete with higher-end devices, these software enhancements help bridge the gap and provide a satisfactory photography experience for casual users.

The focus on AI-driven improvements demonstrates Tecno’s commitment to maximizing value in the budget segment.

Battery Life and Charging: Endurance vs. Speed

One of the standout features of the Tecno Spark 7 is its large battery capacity, with 5000mAh in the African variant and 6000mAh in the international model.

This emphasis on battery life reflects the priorities of users in emerging markets, where reliable power supply may be a concern.

Long-lasting Power

  • The large battery capacity can provide up to two days of moderate usage on a single charge.
  • Tecno’s power management algorithms optimize background processes to extend battery life further.
  • Ultra Power Saving mode can dramatically extend standby time by limiting functionality to essential features.

Charging Considerations

  • The inclusion of a micro-USB port rather than USB-C may be seen as outdated but ensures compatibility with widely available chargers in target markets.
  • The 10W charging speed is relatively slow by modern standards, with full charge times potentially exceeding 3 hours.
  • Lack of fast charging support may be a trade-off for the lower price point and focus on overall battery endurance.

Power Bank Functionality

  • The large battery capacity allows the Tecno Spark 7 to function as a power bank for other devices.
  • Reverse charging capability can be useful in emergencies or for charging accessories like wireless earbuds.

While the Tecno Spark 7 may not offer the fastest charging speeds, its focus on extended battery life aligns well with the needs of its target audience.

The emphasis on endurance over rapid charging reflects a pragmatic approach to real-world usage scenarios in emerging markets.

Value Proposition: Assessing the Tecno Spark 7 in 2024

As we enter 2024, it’s important to evaluate how the Tecno Spark 7 holds up against newer entries in the budget smartphone market.

While the device was released in 2021, its continued availability and pricing make it relevant for cost-conscious consumers.

Competitive Landscape

  • New entrants in the budget segment may offer improved specifications, such as higher refresh rate displays or more advanced processors.
  • The Tecno Spark 7’s price has likely decreased since its initial release, potentially improving its value proposition.
  • Software support and security updates will be a crucial factor in the device’s longevity compared to newer models.

Target Audience

  • First-time smartphone users transitioning from feature phones may find the Tecno Spark 7 a suitable entry point.
  • Budget-conscious consumers prioritizing battery life and basic functionality over cutting-edge features remain the core market.
  • The device’s durability and repairability could be selling points in markets where long-term use is valued over frequent upgrades.

Future-proofing Considerations

  • The inclusion of Android 11 provides a relatively modern software base, but the likelihood of major OS updates is limited.
  • Tecno’s commitment to security patches and minor feature updates will be crucial for the device’s ongoing viability.
  • The expandable storage option helps extend the usable life of the device as app and media storage needs grow over time.

While newer budget smartphones may offer more advanced features, the Tecno Spark 7 continues to provide a balanced package for users with basic needs and limited budgets.

Its focus on essential features, long battery life, and affordability ensures its relevance in specific market segments, even as the overall smartphone landscape evolves.

The Tecno Spark 7 represents a thoughtful approach to budget smartphone design, prioritizing key features that matter most to its target audience.

While it may not boast the latest specifications, its optimized performance, capable camera system, and impressive battery life make it a compelling option for cost-conscious consumers in emerging markets.

As the smartphone industry continues to evolve, devices like the Tecno Spark 7 play a crucial role in expanding mobile access and digital inclusion across diverse global markets.

TECNO SPARK 7 Price In Nigeria is NGN 85,000 in Slot and Jumia as of 15th July 2024

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